Education Resources

We have started to implement the principle approach in our everyday learning.  We do topical/unit studies which include all the subjects instead of trying to fit all subjects each day.  I put bits and pieces of these resources together and plan lessons by  Galloping the Globe and Trail Guide to World Geography.  So mainly these are just resources not curricula per se.  We read lots of books, too.  It would be impossible for me to list each book, so if you have a question on a book on a particular topic, just email me at  We do not use worksheets but notebook pages and enjoy lapbooking.  I have created our own forms in publisher for several subjects.

General Resources

Guide to American Christian Education

Encyclopedia of Bible Truths

Katherine Dangs audio

Principle Approach Workshop

Let Us Highly Resolve

Homeschooling from a Biblical Worldview

The Moore Foundation Books

Bible and Resources

Judah Bible Curriculum


Strongs Concordance

The Victors Bible Journal

What The Bible is All About

Bakers Bible Atlas

The Hayford Bible Handbook

Character Studies/Manners

Character Sketches and coloring book

Missionary Stories with the Millers

Created For  Works

The Character Journal

Children Book of Virtues

Aesop Fables

Thoughts for Young Men


Rays Arithmetic

Right Start Math Games



Language Arts/Phonics

Winston Grammar

Learning Grammar through Writing

Grammar Land

A Reason for Handwriting

Writing Road to Reading

Understanding Writing

Draw Write Now


1828 Dictionary

vocabulary Forms

World Geography ~ all of our units will be centered around each continent

Galloping the Globe

Trail Guide to World Geography


Freedom and Simplicity

Christian History of the Constitution

Teaching and Learning Christian History

American Providential History

A Child’s Story of History

A Sea to Shining Sea

A Light and the Glory

Science and Health

Our Planet Earth

Exploring Creation with General Science

Usbourne Book of Science Activities ~ Volume III

Science in the Creation Week

Sex and the New You

How You are Changing

God’s Health Plan

Nature Studies

The Handbook of Nature Study

Keeping a Nature Journal


My First Steps to Reading Books

Reading lots of books

A Reason For Handwriting

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