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Our journey to China…..


This week for school we traveled to China.  The boys really enjoyed this week.  We hit several different topics this week pertaining to the interesting China ethnics.  Very different from our culture the boys discovered.

First, we found  China on the big wall map of the world.  We each had our own map of China.  We labeled the capital,  the Yangtze River, and The Great Wall of China.  They also colored the China flag.

We read The Story of Ping and looked at several videos on YouTube describing the Yangtze River.  We also wrote down in our illustrated dictionary the term for river.

We also studied Pandas. We read about pandas in Magnificent Mammals and The Zoo Guide. In addition, we looked at several videos of Pandas on Youtube.  The boys all did a notebook page.  Doobie completed the page on Pandas in DWN #7 .  It was really fun to watch the little ones dance to Kung Fu Fighting.   The younger boys want a panda now instead of goats.  LOL!

We read about Hudson Taylor in Heaven Heroes.  Each child completed a notebook page and placed under their history pipeline.

We read on the net about the history of the Great Wall of China. We enjoyed watching videos on this magnificent structure here.  My ds4 was intrigued and built the Great Wall of China with his cardboard blocks.

The older boys chose to make an origami from the book, Geography Through Art.  While the younger ones made a dragon mask.

We are currently reading, Homesick for read a loud with the older ones.  We really enjoyed the book, The Empty Pot.  A great story that I want to have on our bookshelf.

We ended the week of by watching Mulan.

This coming week we will learning about South Korea.  Hopefully they will be as entertained as their journey to China entailed.

Bird Watching E-book ~ Free

This free resource looks excellent for any family who loves to study nature.  Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!  It’s free today only.  Enjoy!


Birdwatching for Beginners: A Guide for Homeschoolers (PDF ebook) — Today’s freebie is this excellent starter guide on birdwatching… How to get started, what resources and equipment you need, where to find birds and how to identify them, how to keep records of your sightings, “etiquette” for watchers, how to attract birds to your own back yard, and much more! An educational and fun hobby that is perfect for these glorious summer days!

Taste Bud science experiment


Today is co-op at our house.  It’s my responsibility to prepare and come up with an unique lesson to occupy 11 children little brains ranging from ages 2-14.  So, I found this easy science experiment on Taste buds by browsing through this cool science experiment book, 101 Cool Science Experiments with Glen Singleton.

To enhance the experiment we will be discussing this article here.

Then all the children will be completing a notebook page.

Here are some other experiments that I found…

Bumpy Tongue

Family Fun

Terrific Taste Buds using Jelly Bellies

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Notebooking instead of worksheets

We have slowly added notebooking over the years to our homeschool methodology.  We have tossed those worksheets,  put on our creative hats, and discovered the beauty of notebooking.  We will only be using notebooks this year.  YIPEE!

If you are interested in the notebooking method here are a few good sites to get you started…

Ignite the Fire ~ great info on the basics of notebooking

Notebook Pages ~ lots of free pages

Highland Forms ~ ideas for notebooks and tons and tons of forms

Homeschool Helper ~ more forms in categorized by subjects

Bible Notebook Forms

Notebooking Nook

Loads of notebooking pages

There is so many wonderful resources out ~ Just search.  Feel free to add to the list on your comments.

Happy Notebooking!

WFMW ~ Christmas Planner/Notebook


This post is several years old, all current modifications are in red.

This is my second fourth year to use my Christmas Notebook. Last year in 2006, I was very pregnant with my 5th son and was barely moving, but it certainly kept the holidays in order for me.  Actually, this year 2009, I am extremely pregnant with baby#6, and once again, I can barely move.

First, I have a green binder ~ you can decorate it with stickers if you must. (: Second, I have 8 divider tabs labeled as followed..

Calendar ~ a blank calendar of December and you might want to put in November, too

Budget/Sales Tracker ~ I put the holiday Budget sheet and also a clear pencil zip lock bag for all my receipts that pertain to Christmas. So convenient for returns.

Gift List ~ I have a main gift list, and one gift list for each child. Also, I include the stocker stuffer page, too.

Crafts ~ l write down all our craft gifts that we make and arts n crafts that we do during the season. I saved them from last year, too. Also, I put any print offs that I get off the internet.  This includes any homemade gifts that I make each year, too.  For example, I made clip boards one year.  This helps keep track of who you gave that particular gift to. Last year, I made crochet toppers for Christmas towels, crochet dish cloths, and crochet scarves.  I would have never remembered who I gave what to if I didn’t have my nifty little form.

Card List ~ this might sound rude, but I have a list of people we send cards to and check off each year if they send us one. Hey, if you don’t send us a card two years in a row your off our card list. Just Kidding!!! Not Really! Print here

Traditions ~ this is a fun sheet to keep each year. Last year, I noticed that the boys loved the spoons my SIL made dipped in chocolate with marshmallows for Hot Cocoa.  Last year, the boys loved opening a wrapped Christmas book and we read it each night. Read more here.

decoration/wrap Inventory ~ this was so helpful to me this year. I was able to see what we need this year without going through all of our stuff. I wrote it down last year! SO SO AWESOME!  Print here. This years list tells me to make 2 sets of Christmas napkins and to purchase a star for the boys bedroom Christmas tree.  Done!  And no I don’t have my Christmas decor down from the attic, yet.

Recipes/Menus ~ This is where I keep all of our favorite recipes that we have had during the season when we had company. Also, I like to scan through recipes and get ideas. I put them all in this place, so when it’s time to plan our actual Menu for the holiday I have tons of ideas. Print here

Advent ~ our family advent ideas/thoughts. Last year, we did a Jesse Tree/study.  Read more on what we did to celebrate advent last year here.

I keep my notebook in my nightstand all year long so I can write down all the gifts that I purchase during the year. One of the biggest benefits of maintaining a notebook last year was to keep track of all the gifts that I purchased. When you have 5 kiddos ~ it’s so hard to remember who got what.  It’s  especially helpful to write down where you put them, too.
So get busy and start printing these sheets to a organized Christmas 2009.