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For the Family’s Sake Book Review

This book was a tremendous encouragement to me as a homemaker who wants to make our home a haven.  Home is where I want to be and I want my dh and children to feel the same way.  Being a full time homemaker is my chosen career and where God has put me.  I’m so thankful that I saw the light before it was too late.  My oldest 2 children were 4 and 3 before I started being a full time homemaker and mommy.  When I had my first child, I never even imagined staying home.  After all, what did I go to college for? It was not even a topic of discussion between my dh and I.  Oh how the Lord changed our hearts significantly.

Susan Schaeffer Macaulay does a wonderful job in pinpointing the important elements in making a home run smoothly in a Godly way.  She stresses that making a home that is a joy, comfort, and encouragement is one of the most important things anyone can do.  She also mentions that the home is the basic building block of society. Homemaking in it’s self is a lost career.  No longer being a stay at home or a full time homemaker is a prestigious career.   However, I believe this one of Satan’s manipulative ways he uses to disrupt a Christian family home.  Homemaking may or may not be a full time, but I believe it needs to take priority over other things in our lives.  For me this means limiting our outside activities involved in homeschooling and extra-curricular activities for the children.  Yes, they are all fun, but attending every activity of interest would be detrimental to our family home life, as well as going against our family goals.  We must find balance in our lives which is such an imperative concept in training our children.  Bottom line….. You must be home in order to make a home a haven. Some of the topics discussed in this marvel of a book are..

*Home is the best place for growing ground for children

*Importance of bed time routine, meals as a family, and reading good books    together

* Daily Rhythms

*Keeping things in perspective

*Early and Vital Day

And there is so much more.  This book inspired me to read her mother’s book, The Hidden Art of Homemaking.  Admittedly, I skimmed through that book awhile back and really couldn’t get into it, but I am more than half way through and love it!

Also, the author is a Charlotte Mason advocate which I can totally appreciate.  Not so much in the way of education in this particular book, but as the means of treating children as people.

In a nutshell, this book will definitely be one I will be putting on my dd books to read list.  It would make a great graduation or wedding shower gift imop.

Let me know if you have any other good reads that have encouraged you in the lost art of homemaking in the comment section below.

Joyful Homemaking!

WFMW ~ Mom, I’m bored edition

Here are just a few of my suggestions for keeping 5 boys sane during the summer or should I say Mommy sane.  LOL!

1.  We always have one of those big blue pools.  This is our second one.  Read here. This is worth every penny and then some.  I have a smaller pool for the little ones.

2.  Get some good family movies.  I am very selective in regards to what my children watch.  In fact, I rarely let them watch TV.  Movie selections here.

3.  Have read a loud time each day.  Always leave off at a good point so they will beg you to read it tomorrow.

4.  My boys love building model cars.

5.  Study a different country and cook something from that particular country.  View this book here.

6.  Puzzles

7.  Book Basket Time ~ we set the timer for 15 minutes after lunch.  They are only to read the books in the basket.  We homeschool so I usually put some sort of books of topic that we are studying and tons of nature books.  My boys have learned so much from this special time.

8.  Set up a blog just for your kiddos. Amy suggested this brilliant idea.

9.  Purchase a typing tutor.  We use Mavis Beacon.  There are some freebies floating in cyberspace.

10.  Make them do chores.  This is a life skill.  So many people grow up not knowing how to do the simplest thing.  My children must complete their chores before free time.

For tons and tons of other ideas, visits We are that family.

Take A Moment To Thank A Veteran

When you see someone in a uniform
Someone who serves us all,
Doing military duty,
Answering their country’s call,

Take a moment to thank them
For protecting what you hold dear;
Tell them you are proud of them;
Make it very clear.

Just tap them on the shoulder,
Give a smile, and say,
“Thanks for what you’re doing;
To keep us safe in the USA!”

By Joanna Fuchs

This poem is such a good reminder that we should be thanking our  troops everyday and not only on Memorial Day.  I am so guilty of this.  For now on, I will encourage my children and myself to always make a point to just say thank you.

It’s kinda like when someone sends you a card when it’s not your b-day.  It’s such a blessing.  Or maybe when your dh sends you flowers “just because”, oh wait that was when we were dating.  LOL!

Enjoy your day with family and friends.  May you feel peace knowing that you will see your loved one again soon if you are in mourning.

Review ~ Help, Lord, I’m Getting Ready to Start Homeschooling My High Schooler

I have to admit that the title alone, Help, Lord, I’m Getting Ready to Start Homeschooling My High Schooler, totally sold me.  Next year we will have a HIGH SCHOOLER!  Of course, my dh and I have been pondering and discussing what we truly want our childrens High School years to consist of and how we are going to approach it.  We truly want to guide and assist our children in their God-given gifts and prepare them for adulthood in a Godly manner.  What we don’t want is to provide them with a traditional education with lots of textbooks and classes just for the sake of making their High School School transcript look equipped.  On the other hand,  we want to prepare them for college if that’s where God is leading them.

This ebook, is exactly want many others and I need to feel secure with our homeschool methods.  It includes over a dozen testimonies from families who have already walked the High School journey. It includes several unusual homeschool scenarios, as well as many diverse approaches.  But one thing all these families have in common…..They all seek God for direction.  GOD IS FAITHFUL AND HE IS A REWARDED OF THOSE WHO DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM. A quote from this ebook, “No matter what you choose to teach for the High School years, what curriculum you choose to use, or what path your child chooses to follow, your reward will be great as you seek the One Who created your child for His glory and to fulfill His purpose.”  A light bulb went off in my head.

Nuts and Bolts:

~ can be purchased at TOS Magazine Schoolhouse Store.   For more products from this publisher click here

~ The cost is 12.45

~ comes solely in ebook form

What sold me:

~ Instantly download – comes in ebook form

~ All testimonies are written from  Godly seasoned homeschool families that have successfully graduated their children from  High School

~ Loads of scripture references

~Do’s and don’t s  for each family

~ An enormous amount of suggestions from a non-traditional approach of schooling

~  a little biography at the end of each story about the homeschool  mom

~  Authors’ Recommended Resources List ~ This includes books, magazines, CD’s, web sites, bible scriptures, as well as many other general helps to assist you in the High School years

One improvement that I would like to see about this product is that it would be made available in print or CD format for those challenged by the file size.   122 pages to be exact

Please note: This ebook does not include a list of curriculum per se.  So if you are looking for a planned scheduled curricula for the high schooler, you will not find this in this particular ebook.

This ebook is an immense blessing for me as I continue to approach the High School years.  It encourages me to follow God’s will and to concentrate on the gifts God gives my children.  Is it worth the $12.45 ? Absolutely!  It is worth every penny and then some for the encouragement these families provide me as  I continue our homeschool journey throughout the High School years.  I CAN DO THIS with God’s help!

Not sure if this ebook is for you.  Then take a peek. (Scroll down a bit on the page)

Birthday Boy

Big Bubba turned 3 today.  It’s so hard to believe to me.  I am not ready for him to get any older.  He so sweet and lovable.  He makes the best big bubba to his sissy, too.  Not to mention he still thinks I am cool!  LOL!

Happy Birthday, Ry Ry!

The Name Change

I have been pondering for months in regards to my previous blog title. It was such a perfect fit while it lasted. However, the title doesn’t fit our family anymore. We can’t leave our princess out. So, here it is… Blessed Beyond a Doubt. Everything remains the same including the URL. I just changed the blog title.

Golly, coming up with a new title is difficult.  Especially when you had the perfect one in the past to fit just you.  But I believe this title fits just as well.  And it’s all because of Him.

Thank you God for all the blessings you bestow my way.  I am so undeserving of the gifts you continue to send my way.  Your mercy is so amazing and continues to spread in our home.  Amen

Crock Pot Dinner #4

crock pot

Green Chili Chicken

You can’t find an easier recipe than this one.  Throw frozen chicken breast in the crock pot, 1 can of cream of chicken on top, and last but not least, empty out a can of green chilis into your concoction.  Done on high in 4 hours or cook on low for about 6–7.

Serve over brown rice with a salad.

Note:  I have a large family, so I use the large can of cream of chicken soup and 2 cans of green chilis.