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Time Travel Tuesday ~ Oct 23


This week Annie wants us to share our…..

What’s the most serious accident or illness you have ever had?
Tell us about it!


Honestly, I have been fortunate that I have never had a close to death accident or illness. My guardian angel has been watching over me. But, I do have a kinda funny illness that happen to me. Well, funny it wasn’t, however, it was very painful. The timing was very amusing ~ God does have a sense of humor, I must say. My dh was laid off from his job, and to make a long story short we were unemployed for 11 months. All I can say is that God was in control and that whole ordeal was part of His wondrous plan. Anyways, we were visiting in Houston(my parents live there) celebrating a friend’s daughters birthday. The party was Sat night and I started feeling sick to my stomach and had this horrendous pain in under my ribs. I barfed and barfed and didn’t sleep all night. So at about 5 am, I decided to take benedryl just to knock me out. I couldn’t take the pain anymore. I walked into my parents bathroom and passed out. Got up, and told my mom that I was really sick. She said “Jill, just go to bed! Maybe we should call life flight ~ ha ha , I honestly thought that sounded like a good idea. Anyways, I managed to get back up and told my dh that I think that something is major wrong with me and I think I better go to the hospital. Oh ~ did I tell you my dh finally got a job and was to start his first day on Monday back in Dallas??? We are in Houston and my dh has to be at his first day of work tomorrow. Come to find out that I had to get my gallbladder removed and was in the hospital until Wednesday in Houston. My dh wanted to stay with me during the surgery. I refused and made him go back to Dallas with the boys, so he could start his new job that we prayed for 11 months. He brought the boys to work with him the first few days. Great first impression. My parents brought me home to Dallas after my hospital stay. Funny timing, huh!!! Really, I was laughing at the whole situation.

Time Travel Tuesday ~ October 16th

This week Annie has requested us time travel tuesdayers to remember the following….Tell us the most adventurous thing you have ever done! What gave you the courage to do it or try it and how did you feel afterwards? timetravel-tuesday.png

Probably the most rewarding God led step that I have chosen to try is probably homeschooling my children. I had support from some of my friends, my dh, but not my family. Also, I was pregnant at the time with my 4th son. However, I took the leap of faith and have never looked back. Our family has been so blessed by the courage God has led me to educate my children at home. It rustles my feathers when I hear a mommy say “I could never do it!” Of course, you can! If you have the desire and let God lead the way ~ You are bound to excel. However, I don’t believe homeschooling is a perfect match for every family ~ circumstances are different in each family. I do feel so blessed that I am able to teach my children at home . Yes, we do have bad days, but I don’t dread waking up every morning. I look forward to each morning knowing it is another day to serve the Lord and train them up in God’s eyes. So, the Holy Spirit and my dh were are the biggest support that give me the courage to stay home with my children 24/7 and teach them the Word of God each day.

Time Travel Tuesday



This week Annie wants us to share our first home….

She asks……

This week we will travel back to our first home… was it your very own apartment, or a home with your new spouse? What memories do you have from that first home? How did you make that first house (or apartment) a home?


I am going to share our first home that my dh and I purchased together. First of all, we had a brand new house built. It was made perfect to suit us. I was able to pick the brick, carpet, tile, cabinets, and have as many upgrades that our money could afford. I just loved it. I was even getting a jacuzzi tub in my master bath. As our house was progressing, my dh was noticing how the neighbors were keeping up their lawns and landscaping, etc. He was dissatisfied! Of course, I was on cloud 9 and could care less about anything except how I was going to make this perfect house our cute little home to our 6 month old and my dh. Finally, after many tears, we broke our contract and decided against the “perfect” house that I watched from square one being built to suit my fancy. So from looking at brand new homes to looking at preowned homes was a shocker! The first house that we looked at was in a really nice neighborhood but the house needed lots and lots of work. The neighborhood was out of our budget. This house was UGLY inside!! I kid you not, the crown molding in the master bedroom was painted periwinkle blue, as well as, the baseboards. The bathrooms had mildew carpet in them. The bathrooms had the ugliest primary wallpaper that looked like contact paper in both of them. The fence was painted at one time red and was leaning on one side. The garage door was split in two. And the landscaping was higher than the house. Now, the house itself was really nice but the people before us had horrible taste in decorating and didn’t have a handy man . It needed a lot of work to say the least. So, of course, I said “No WAY!” We continued to house hunt for at least 3 more months. We put wrote out several contracts but we were too late. The house market was surely a seller market at that time. I remember houses would get a contract the same day they were listed. Anyways, to make a long story short. We made an offer on that first ugly house and they accepted it. They even gave us spending money to fix it up. I had strict stipulations on what projects needed to be completed before we moved in. My dh is so gifted and handy and completed them all. He replaced the wallpaper and painted every room, replaced the flooring with tile in all the bathrooms and the kitchen, and much, much more. It ended up being such a wonderful house, and I hated to sell. We outgrew our 3 bedroom home. However, we ended up making 50% on what we paid for it 8 years later. So, the house was a true blessing. Thank you, honey, for seeing beyond the other side. I sure didn’t at the time.

Time Travel Tuesday


This week at Annie’s blog she asked the following:


This week we will travel back to either a special birthday you have been given or a memorable birthday you have had …

How old were you? Was it a party, or just a memorable day? Tell us all about it!


As pathetic as this may sound, no birthdays of mine stand out as spectacular. Now, I’m sure when I was little, my parents spoiled me silly with wonderful gifts and an outstanding party each year. So, it must be memory loss at my old age…LOL!


The most memorable or should I say most sentimental present that I have received was this beautiful ruby ring from my dh back in 2002, I believe. The year is a little fuzzy~ it’s the old age thing again. We were so broke with 3 children at home trying to just to make ends meet each day. My dh was unemployed for 11 months. We had no income. But, faithfully as always the Lord provided.

Since, we were poor, I never even expected any sort of present at all. My husband was so creative and thoughtful! He managed to turn in all his frequent flyer miles in and present me with a beautiful ruby and diamond ring. I was overwhelmed~ I wouldn’t have cared if it was the ugliest thing in the world ~ I would have worn it proud. Just the thought that my dh wanted to make my birthday so very special under the stressful circumstances. How awesome is that? I can’t remember what we did on that day, but his tremendous thoughtfulness was highly remembered and appreciated.

PS ~ Yes, the ring was real…..

Time Travel Tuesday


Time to share your first job experience…
What was your first job experience?
Do you remember the first paycheck, starting salary?
Do you remember your first boss, coworkers?
What was your favorite task/least favorite task?
How did that job end?


OK, my first job experience wasn’t very exciting. I was a lifeguard at one of the local community pools. I did enjoy it because I was a sun goddess back then in my high school/college years. We didn’t have uniforms or certain swim attire to wear, so it was perfect for me at the time. We couldn’t wear bikini’s but we could wear open stomach bathing suits. Do you remember those silly, dumb bathing suits? I don’t remember the pay, I’m sure it was minimal wage. I never knew or saw my boss. I was kinda left in charge because I had a key to the pool. The only thing that I remember not liking was putting all the lawn chairs in the closet every night when the pool closed. I did get to use my lifeguard skills once. A little girl around 4 was exhausted from jumping off the diving board a million times. Where her parents were, I don’t know!!!! I did develop a friendship with some regulars. A little girl used to bake me cookies.
And the coolest thing about being a lifeguard was twirling my whistle around my finger!!!!!!! Yes, I was a cool, tanned lifeguard beauty. LOL!


For more first job experiences, check out Annie’s place.


Time Travel Tuesday



Annie is making time travel incredibly easy this week! We’ve traveled all over our lives and today we are going to travel to yesterday. If you live in the US, you probably celebrated Labor Day in some way… even if it was just staying home for the day. What did you do yesterday, who did you spend time with? What was the highlight of the day? Were there any disappointments?

I have to admit this 3 day weekend was not our idea of a  fun, festive weekend. Our little two year old had a very bad virus which caused us to be in Children’s Hospital all day on Saturday. So, the rest of the weekend, we spent making sure our baby was well. Praise God, he is the non-stop house-wrecker he has always been. He really scared us…..

Yesterday, was nothing special….. Except that my dh didn’t have to go to work. He spent time working on the boys swing set. I watched the babies and I was able to read my book. I played Memory with my 6 year old who always beats me….

We had plans to have friends over on Sunday, but of course, I couldn’t pay anyone to visit us when I had a throwing up kid with a 103+ fever the day before. LOL! So, we had our Labor Day meal on Sunday as planned. Hamburgers, corn, and potato salad. My dear friend brought over a cake and cookies for dessert. Unfortunately, since I am on my diet, I am unable to eat my favorite things…SWEETS. But, this coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I am free to eat the entire cake. The diet is 11 days on and 3 days off.

My highlight yesterday was going to Walmart as a family to get dog food and a Keno gift for tonight. Admittedly, I love my Keno gift! I hope I win it back tonight. The little things that spark my day.

So, I am blessed that I was able to be with all my favorite men this weekend, despite the countless puke stains on my couch and in my lovely hair.

Time Travel Tuesday


This week at Time Travel Tuesdays…… We are going back in time to the day we found out we were first pregnant…..


With my oldest, I hate to admit, but he was NOT planned to say the least! However, God knew what he was doing because my son is such a blessing to our family. When I told my dh that I was late, he just said”Oh, it’s not that easy!” HAHAHAHA ~ Needless to say, he doesn’t say that anymore. Five boys later!!!

We used double birth control, too. So, you could say my oldest son is what you would call a miracle from God!!

We took the test together and I started crying and my dh was the excited one. I did remember saying,”Don’t think I am going to be one of those stay at home moms! I am a career woman!” I am sure God was cracking up hysterical since I am a homeschool momma of 5 boys. LOL!