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The Name Change

I have been pondering for months in regards to my previous blog title. It was such a perfect fit while it lasted. However, the title doesn’t fit our family anymore. We can’t leave our princess out. So, here it is… Blessed Beyond a Doubt. Everything remains the same including the URL. I just changed the blog title.

Golly, coming up with a new title is difficult.  Especially when you had the perfect one in the past to fit just you.  But I believe this title fits just as well.  And it’s all because of Him.

Thank you God for all the blessings you bestow my way.  I am so undeserving of the gifts you continue to send my way.  Your mercy is so amazing and continues to spread in our home.  Amen

The Simple Woman’s Daybook ~ May 18th

FOR TODAY …Monday, May 18

Outside My Window…it is a marvelous spring day, prefect for my ds 11th b-day.

I am thinking…what a true blessing that we have dear  friends.

I am thankful for… our newest miracle.  Read here

From the learning rooms…it’s our last week of school.  Just the basics and reading about the Civil War

From the kitchen… cooking a turkey in the crock pot, yams, stuffing, and swiss chard.  Birthday boys request.

I am wearing… my pretty floral pj’s that I got for my b-day last year.

I am creating… a family afghan for our living room

I am going…to finish organizing and preparing for our house to be on the market it this coming weekend.  YUCK!

I am praying… for a healthy baby

I am hearing… the radio and the boys talking about their fun filled day.

Around the house… lots and lots of stuff being packed and put in storage

One of my favorite getting new curriculum for next year.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Co-cop, Small group, wrapping up the school year!  YIPEEE~

Here is picture thought I am sharing
The birthday Boy ~ All of 11 years.

20 of my favorite things….

20 Of My Favorite Things

1. Color-red

2. Dessert-anything with chocolate

3. Smell-lavender and hazelnut

4. Flower-sunflower

5. Animal~ small dogs

6. Month-October

7. Beverage~ coffee

8. Pair of flip flops with sparkles

9. Snack-currentlyMunchos, but I rarely eat them

10. Song-currently…Mighty to Save by Hillsong

11. Book-currently...The Mark of the Lion Trilogy be Francine Rivers

12. Fruit-banana

13. Hairstyle-a cute short hair cut (bobbed) on other people

4. Piece of clothing-currently…denim capris with a cute casual top

15. Store to clothes shop-Kohls or Sears, I hate to shop for clothes!

16. Season-Autumn

17. Hobby-crocheting, reading, sewing, quilting, and crafting

18. Thing to collect-BOOKS and boys(sons ~ I felt that I needed to clarify that, LOL!)

19. Movie-The Christy Series

20. Restaurant-Kobe Steaks

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