Climbing the Mountain


Our home-school slogan is based on the verse,

“Come, let us go to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob. He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths.”

We are in our 6th year of home schooling our boys. We believe that it is our privilege and duty to teach our boys at home. Our ultimate goal in our homeschooling journey is to train our boys to walk with our best friend, Jesus. We have grown so much spiritual and academically together as a family. I love my chosen career as a wife, mommy to many male blessings, and teacher.

We use many different curriculum as you can see on my blogroll. We enjoy mostly the Charlotte Mason/classical approach to education.  However, I am really seeking out the The Principle Approach/Lifestyle Education through Discipleship(LED).  My dh and the Holy Spirit has strongly encouraged me to teach all subjects from a biblical view.  This of course, will be a new thought process for us all, but with the Holy Spirit guiding our home school, I know we will endeavor the wonderful wisdom, knowledge and understanding that God intended us to learn to be His disciples.  I plan, but need to take baby steps into the forever learning Principle Approach.  For more information on Lifestyle Education through Discipleship approach visit Me and My House Ministries.  This unique biblical approach to home education is based on the Principle Approach.


To peek into our current home school resources read the following post.

Come back and check periodically  our new resources that we will be implementing with our new education method.  We will be deleting and adding over time.  Not to say, the resources we are currently are using working for us, but we are trying to seek everything biblical and do more family education and training.  Also, since our education will be spirit led, I’m sure we will have new resources often.

Please leave me a comment with any questions or suggestions that you might have in regards to our home school adventure.

3 responses to “Climbing the Mountain

  1. Hi! I’m a homeschool mom, too, and I read your website and thought you might be interested in the new math curriculum I just wrote. (I know, this sounds like an add, but I loved your website and you just look like the kind of mom that might really like what I’ve done, so…I guess I’m advertising!) Anyway, last year the other moms in our ISP asked me to write up the way I teach math because they wanted to do it, too, so my husband and I prayed about it, and decided to give it a try. It’s been quite an adventure, with me writing and John putting it on the computer, but we’ve had lots of fun together, and our kids have helped with proofreading and binding and all. And God has taught us SO much along the way! But here are the reasons it’s so unique:
    1. Math on the Level (did I tell you that that’s the name?) comes with 4 teaching guides that give you directions for teaching everything you need to teach up to the point that your kids start algebra. That means that this is the only math curriculum you’ll need for all your kids, for all of their math until they start Algebra 1. It also means that you can teach whatever you want – whenever you want! If you’re doing a unit study on the Romans and you want to teach Roman Numerals to all your kids at once in connection with the unit study, you can. (I love unit studies, and I get so frustrated when they say “use this for everything except math.” It makes so much sense to teach math in unit studies! So Math on the Level makes it possible to teach math in unit studies.)
    2. You can teach when your kids are maturationally ready to learn. If you’re teaching something and your child doesn’t get it, put it aside and teach something else. You don’t have to go in a prescribed order or at somebody else’s pace – it’s unique to your child.
    3. Most of the concepts can be taught using everyday activities. It makes so much more sense for homeschoolers to teach fractions when cooking and decimals when shopping and measurement when measuring! We don’t have to learn out of workbooks, because we have life! There are 2 books in the curriculum, Math Adventures and Math Resources, that are specifically to give ideas for teaching in daily activities. Math is so much more fun when it’s real!
    4. I think doing math problems gets boring (so does correcting them!), but kids need review. I developed a way to keep track of what each child has learned and to plan a review that is specific for each child, but only uses 5 problems a day. Kids love it, and it really works well. That’s the only independent written work that a child does each day!
    Well, if you’ve waded through this far and not deleted this as spam, and if you have time, I would really love it if you would take a look at our website, and whether or not you’re interested in the curriculum, if you’d let me know what you think. We just started selling this in June, and although I’m really confident in the curriculum, I’m not at all confident in marketing, and it’s hard to get unbiased feedback from your friends! Your website is wonderful, and since I don’t know you and you don’t know me, you just seem like someone who might be able to give me unbiased comments. Does our website give you a sense of the curriculum? I know it’s not as pretty as yours (my wonderful husband is working on the website, but that’s another area that is totally new to us), but does it work well? What do you think of the curriculum approach? What would make you like or not like it from the website?
    Please don’t worry if you don’t have time to answer all these questions. I know I’m a total stranger, and I really don’t mean to leave junk mail for you, but if you have time, I really would like your input.
    Thank you so much –

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