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The Name Change

I have been pondering for months in regards to my previous blog title. It was such a perfect fit while it lasted. However, the title doesn’t fit our family anymore. We can’t leave our princess out. So, here it is… Blessed Beyond a Doubt. Everything remains the same including the URL. I just changed the blog title.

Golly, coming up with a new title is difficult.  Especially when you had the perfect one in the past to fit just you.  But I believe this title fits just as well.  And it’s all because of Him.

Thank you God for all the blessings you bestow my way.  I am so undeserving of the gifts you continue to send my way.  Your mercy is so amazing and continues to spread in our home.  Amen

WFMW ~ Fall Links


Two years ago I posted tons of Fall links…… I’m sure most of them are still active….  Thought you all might enjoy….

Thanksgiving Links

Halloween Links

Autumn Recipes

Fall Homeschool Links

Fall Crafts and Clip Art

Take a Tour Tuesday ~ March 24


Today I am participating in my friend, Amy’s fun Take a Tour Tuesday.  Below I will include some of the links that I found of interest this past week.


Animated Christ’s Death

Daily Devotionals for Couples

Christian Easter Egg Coloring


Apron Theme Party ~ this looks like so much fun

Country decorating ideas

Spring Basket


Literature to supplement History

Passover Lapbook

Creation Science Curriculum


The Duggar Family website ~ I am currently reading their book

Easter Fun at Peggy’s Place

Easter Crafts

WFMW ~ Lent Season

wfmwsmall I have always wanted my children to really understand the true meaning of Easter, but time always seems to slip by and it’s Easter Sunday and my children are eating all those healthy chocolate Easter bunnies.  This is year I decided to make this Lent season a true spiritual memory for all of us.  I came across this free Lent activities a few days ago.  It has lots of creative and meaningful activities to do as a family during the 40 days of Lent.  Very simple and not burdensome.

Also, I plan on putting together an Easter Unit Study or Lapbook by implementing some of these links….

Homeschool Helper

EasyFunschool ~ A Passover Unit Study

Lapbook Lessons

Easter Story

Resurrection Egg Lapbook

Resurrection Eggs

Easter Ideas

Jelly Bean Poem

Bible Coloring Sheets

Annie’s Easter Page ~ lots of good history

Dying Easter Eggs ~ lots of creative ways

Hot Cross Buns ~ recipe

Easter Scripture

Celebrating Passover

And More Easter activities

I’m sure there are plenty more great ideas.  Please feel free to leave any links or ideas that will help us all recognize the true significance of this Holy holiday.

Have a blessed Lent Season!

More interesting links…

Another list of links from your favorite link queen, well maybe 2nd link queen, Ms. Amy has earn the prestige title of LINK Queen.

Recipes for Healthy Eating

Sew Cloth Diapers ~ I really need to do this since I have been changing diapers for over 11 years. I can imagine how much $$$$$ we have spent on diapers.

Cloth Wipes

Glorious Macaroni and Cheese
~ just a tad healthier than Krafts

Make you own baby sling

The Bradley diet ~ a healthy diet for pregnant Mommies ~ NO, I’m not expecting!!!!

LotsofKids ~ I haven’t spent time here, but there is tons of great stuff! I need a few days for this one.

Woman Calendar ~ very helpful information ~ if ya know what I mean.

Expandable Edibles ~ what to do with the leftover foods ~ great ideas

Smoothie Recipes ~ I want to start making lots of these since the weather is getting hot