Review ~ Help, Lord, I’m Getting Ready to Start Homeschooling My High Schooler

I have to admit that the title alone, Help, Lord, I’m Getting Ready to Start Homeschooling My High Schooler, totally sold me.  Next year we will have a HIGH SCHOOLER!  Of course, my dh and I have been pondering and discussing what we truly want our childrens High School years to consist of and how we are going to approach it.  We truly want to guide and assist our children in their God-given gifts and prepare them for adulthood in a Godly manner.  What we don’t want is to provide them with a traditional education with lots of textbooks and classes just for the sake of making their High School School transcript look equipped.  On the other hand,  we want to prepare them for college if that’s where God is leading them.

This ebook, is exactly want many others and I need to feel secure with our homeschool methods.  It includes over a dozen testimonies from families who have already walked the High School journey. It includes several unusual homeschool scenarios, as well as many diverse approaches.  But one thing all these families have in common…..They all seek God for direction.  GOD IS FAITHFUL AND HE IS A REWARDED OF THOSE WHO DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM. A quote from this ebook, “No matter what you choose to teach for the High School years, what curriculum you choose to use, or what path your child chooses to follow, your reward will be great as you seek the One Who created your child for His glory and to fulfill His purpose.”  A light bulb went off in my head.

Nuts and Bolts:

~ can be purchased at TOS Magazine Schoolhouse Store.   For more products from this publisher click here

~ The cost is 12.45

~ comes solely in ebook form

What sold me:

~ Instantly download – comes in ebook form

~ All testimonies are written from  Godly seasoned homeschool families that have successfully graduated their children from  High School

~ Loads of scripture references

~Do’s and don’t s  for each family

~ An enormous amount of suggestions from a non-traditional approach of schooling

~  a little biography at the end of each story about the homeschool  mom

~  Authors’ Recommended Resources List ~ This includes books, magazines, CD’s, web sites, bible scriptures, as well as many other general helps to assist you in the High School years

One improvement that I would like to see about this product is that it would be made available in print or CD format for those challenged by the file size.   122 pages to be exact

Please note: This ebook does not include a list of curriculum per se.  So if you are looking for a planned scheduled curricula for the high schooler, you will not find this in this particular ebook.

This ebook is an immense blessing for me as I continue to approach the High School years.  It encourages me to follow God’s will and to concentrate on the gifts God gives my children.  Is it worth the $12.45 ? Absolutely!  It is worth every penny and then some for the encouragement these families provide me as  I continue our homeschool journey throughout the High School years.  I CAN DO THIS with God’s help!

Not sure if this ebook is for you.  Then take a peek. (Scroll down a bit on the page)

School Year 2010-2011

We have begun our new school year.  We have decided to home school all year and take breaks whenever our heart desires.  If we need a break, we will just Do IT!  I absolutely go insane when we stop our routine.  It is great for a few days, but as always things get crazy.  Fights and bickering hammers our days, mommy gets irritable, and no one is happy.  So that is our current plan.  During the summer, school will be short, but sweet. Our curriculum choices for the school year 2010-2011 is the following….

My Father’s World ~ Creation to Greek My Father’s World ~

Kindergarten.  He will be finished in a few months because he is breezing through it, and we will start First Grade soon.

Singapore Math

RightStart Math Games

Saxon 8/7 with Dive CD

Phonetic Zoo

Intermediate Language Lessons

All – in – One English

Pathway Reader and Workbook – Grade 4 ~ using very loosely.  He will be completing only 1 or 2 lessons on comprehension a week.  The rest of the time he will be reading “real Living”books.

Christian Light  Literature – Grade 7 & 8 ~ using very loosely.  I have to admit that I am not thrilled with this choice.  I was looking for more of reading comprehension type thing. They will be completing 2 lessons per week.  The stories are good, but there is too much other stuff than comprehension that I wasn’t looking for.

And lots of Nature Reading books to browse during Book Basket Time daily.

Book Review ~ Keeping Our Child’s heart

My dh and I have always anticipated on keeping our child’s hearts pure as a vital priority in our child raising years.  This book was a great reminder and really got me thinking twice on what we expose our children to on a daily basis.

The book Keeping Our Children’s Hearts by Steven and Terri Maxwell has an enormous amount of godly wisdom that you can partake and implement in your own household.  However, some of their family principles are a little far fetched for me.  I consider myself a conservative christian, but I feel like a few of their principles were too extreme.  But for the most part, I would highly recommend this book to all parents who are seeking knowledge in maintaining you childrens heart.

I love the fact that the authors highly recommend writing out your family principles on paper and revisiting them every year.  What a blessing this is to hold on to when making family decisions.  For example, eating together as a family each night is a high priority for my dh and I.  We look at each outside activity and determine if it would interfere with our family meal time.  What is more important and best for our family.  We always must ask if this goes against our family principles.

Also, I can relate to the fact that several people, including some family members, believe that we over shelter our children.  We are the ones that have to answer to the Lord for our children not them.  It was just a reminder I needed  to hear before allowing Satan in.

In a nutshell, there is tons of great biblical family principles stated in this little book.  Take what hits your heart and start implementing those godly principles in your home today.  I give it a thumbs up.

I did it!

I am proud to say…I finally did it! I wore a skirt for 7 days!  (:  I have challenged myself 2 other times to wear a skirt for 7 days straight.  I miserably failed my last 2 attempts.  This last attempt was a breeze.  I’m not mentioning that I went out of town for 3 days to the Above Rubies retreat and didn’t bring any other type of clothing or anything of the sort in case I felt like a jean day.  LOL! However, my dh really wants our new princess wearing dresses.  He would never insist on me wearing a skirt, but he has mentioned many times how he loves when I wear a skirt.  How can I expect my dd to want to wear one if I don’t wear one.  So, I challenged myself again.  And I accomplish it!  You might think this is no big deal, but to me it was. I love jeans and sweats.  And if I don’t have those on, I have my PJ’s on.

Things I discovered during my 7 days…

1.  It made me feel more feminine.

2.  I was more prone to wear makeup.

3.  I love to mix and match.

4.  Finding cute skirts, preferably long for me, is fun and challenging.

5.  Making them is even more rewarding with the finish product.

6.  I found lots of cute flats that look great with long skirts.

7.  I have 2 types of skirts ~ around the house and public skirts.

8.  And I can’t wait until it is warmer and I can wear cute flip flops.

To read my last post in regards to the skirt thing read here.

Happy Valentines Day ~ 2010

“My mommy always makes me wear these bows!”

“This picture thing is totally annoying!”

“I’m starting to smile!”

The day after…

And more amazing pictures of our Winter Snow Blast in 2010.

Snowed In to say the least.  Taken from our front door step this morning.

Our poor little goaties.

The goat pen.  Snow insulates, right?

Well, it’s Grahm, being Grahm!

Another glorious day playing in the snow for the boys.  Of course, us bright persons, Ryland and I, are staying warm in our fluffy PJ’s.

Book Review~Mrs. Dunwoody’s Excellent Instruction for Homekeeping

I can not say enough about this priceless book that I just finished reading while spending precious time nursing my little princess.  I never enjoyed nursing so much.  LOL!  This book has an enormous amount of timeless wisdom and practical advice.  It saddens me that the art of homemaking and being a lady at home has lost it’s honor.  I strongly believe this is the one of the main contribution to the way the world is today.  Yes, call me old-fashioned if you must.  Being a domestic engineer is my chosen career.

This book of gems has everything in it from the care of beds to administering a remedy after being struck by lightening.  Some of my favorite topics were….

Esential Guide to Absolutely Delightful Parties

Very Impolite Things

When Someone Passes Over

List of Requirements for an Exceptional Spouse

The Lasting Happiness in Matrimony

And oh there is so much more.  This book will remain in my house until my dd gets married.  Then it will be hers to share and implement with her own household. It is a must for all females whether you are a single or married.  Would also make a great shower or wedding gift.  I plan on discussing this in great depth when my dd turns the teen years.  So for now, I have 18 years to put these timeless bits of advice into practice.

Also, I adore the fill-in-pages for pertinent information that you wish to pass down to generation to generation.

I give this book a big thumbs up.  No, you can’t borrow it!  Go get your own here.

When it snows; It snows…

You would think that we live in the Northeast with all this snow we received today.  It is insanely cold and white today.  The boys never had so much fun in their lives.  They played outside all day.  Of course, we don’t have gloves and are scarce on the hat situation.  My poor baby wanted me to crochet him some yellow mittens and a warm hat.

Taken from our back window early this morning.

A little physic lesson today!

Yes, it reads 6 inches….  And it is still coming down 4 hours later!

Attempting to build a snowman, but it’s difficult without gloves.

Completely thought that it was crazy playing outside when it is so darn cold and wet.  He lasted all of 5 minutes.

Please pray, pray, pray….

Please pray for friend of mine that is struggling for her life.  Jenny was suffering from the flu for a week before being admitted to the hospital with pneumonia and sepsis.  Her kidneys are failing and she is on a vent.  Please pray for complete healing and peace for her family.

I know God is in control and is the ultimate healer.

For more details click here.

I’m Booking It 2010

I LOVE to read….It’s my escape, but I haven’t read much in the last year because I have been too tired due to the pregnancy.  Since Princess is here, I hope to get some reading time in while nursing her.  I can always HOPE, right!

Here is my list.  It’s just a list of books that I would like to read or just browse through this new year.  Some of these books are not books that you read from cover to cover.


Miss Dunwood’s Excellent Instruction for Homemaking ~ Read review here.

Better Basics for the Home

Home Comforts

The Complete Tightwad Gazette


Real Family Values

Miss Manner’ Guide to Rearing Children

Full Quiver

The Mother at Home ~ reread


Home Style Teaching

Wisdom Way of Learning

The Read A -Loud Handbook

Minding Your Own Business


Amish Peace

He Loves Me

Love & Respect


Home Made Health

Toxic Relief

First Place