Jill’s Juice


I am a wife and mommy to 5 almost- perfect boys and 1 princess.  My dh and I believe in teaching our children at home ~ striving to make them fishermen of the sea. We implement the Principle Approach to our everyday training.   I thank God each day that I am able to teach my children the Word of God each given day.

I am zealously seeking to walk hand and hand with Jesus. I constantly stumble but have the grace of God to give me a clean slate each day I beg for forgiveness. I have so many blessings that God has bestowed to the underserving me. This is a place where I can share them and give all the glory to the King.

7 responses to “Jill’s Juice

  1. Hi Jill. I followed some links backward from my site to yours. Thanks for linking to mine through English From The Roots Up. I’m the mom of 6 boys ages 4,6,11,14,15,20. Boys sure are fun aren’t they?

  2. Just a thank you for linking to Everyday Mommy.

  3. Wow- 5 boys!!! you certainly are out numbered. What a stong testiment you have in your faith and your committment to train them as men of God!!

  4. You are out numbered but it is a good feeling isn’t it? I am a mom to three boys and I love them all. While I am glad to be the woman in the mix I love the advetures they take me on. I’ll be back to see your blog soon!

  5. Congratulations on your five sons! I, too, have five sons and I am expecting our sixth child in March. Although we don’t know the gender (we never find out before they are born), but I have a feeling its another boy. I realize that to have six sons is such a blessing and I am anxious to meet him (or by chance her) soon. I love your blog. You definitely have the right heart and mind in raising your little family. Keep up the great work!

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  7. I have enjoyed my visit.

    We too have five boys too. It’s never boring around here. LOL.


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