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Christmas Give-away


I love give-a-ways.  I especially love creating them for the unknown.  I made these little goodies this week.  I have grown over the past months to adore dish cloths and towels that don’t end up on the ground every time one of my darling children or dh happens to walk through the kitchen.  Do I hear an amen or what?  Also, I use dish cloths to wipe down the counters or wipe my little ones faces and hands. BTW~ not the same one.  They are so handy.

I will be giving away these crochet items to one bloggy sister any where in the world.  The only requirement is that you email me when you receive them.  You don’t have to tell me you love them or anything, but just let me know when they arrive.

I would love for you to either comment on your favorite Christmas read or Cd, but not neccessarly to enter.

Merry Christmas…


These towels are red, green, and white plaid.  These could be used in the kitchen or bathroom.


This is suppose to be a Christmas bell dishcloth.  It kinda looks like a tree, but still cute, imop.  I will probably adjust the pattern next time to make a tree.


Head on over to all the other Christmas give-aways here.

Word-Filled Wednesday ~ Marriages…


Marriages ending in divorce are on the rise.  This includes Christian marriages as well.  I have been praying for marriages in general.  Please read my post from yesterday here.

I just found this wonderful meme.  I look forward to participating in Word-filled Wednesdays each week.

Finally, I did it!

I have been wanting to donate my hair to Locks of Love for months now.  Finally, I departed with my hair this past Friday.  I will be letting it grow again, however.


I had my dh straighten my hair to add any extra length possible.  So, that’s why my hair looks so uneven and unhealthy.  At least, I hope it didn’t look like that all the time.


Barbara is chopping off my 10 in pony tail.


This is me pretending that I am thrilled without my pony tail security blanket.


Praying that my hair grows back quickly.


Still praying….


The final product.

BTW ~ Hair grows back…..  I was told that your hair stops growing as you get older.  THIS IS A MYTH.  Read here.

I finally finished….

Each year I am going to make a Christmas afghan for our family.  I specifically learned to crochet for this traditional.  Here is my first Christmas afghan….




I used this free pattern here for the granny square.  Also, I used this method to join the squares.

My favorite things

This weeks assignment is going to be heavenly for me.  I love to read about what works for others.  I adore finding  free things, such as forms, organizing tips, crochet/sewing patterns, or anything that will better equip me for my God giving privilege of being a helpmeet and mommy to my 5 beautiful blessings.

So, here is a list of my favorite things……


Old Fashion Homemaking

Homemade Laundry Detergent

Shampoo Bar ~ this is so sudsy and smells wonderful, Of course, it’s all natural.

Homemade Cleaners

Organized Christmas


Nourishing Traditions

Favorite Granola

Menu Plan Made Easy


Christmas Crochet

Apron Patterns


Disciple Notebook

The Woman of Excellence


Me and My House

Letter Factory DVD

Preschool/Kindergarten Notebook

Our education resources

Give-away ~ Learn how to sew

Sewing is such a lost art in our society today.  But what a blessing it is to for the homemaker to master this hobby or art.  I just learned the art of sewing about a year ago.  I love it!  I am still a rookie, but plan to make as many clothes, household items, and gifts as possible.  Growing in Grace is giving away 2 gifts to encourage and  initiate you in this lost wonderful homemaking learned task. My mom knows how to sew, but doesn’t adhere to it as a necessity, but more of a hobby when she wants to work on a project.  Also, I don’t remember my grandmothers sewing at all.

I made my own Kitchen curtains because I fell in love with the fabric.  I now have the perfect kitchen curtains that suits my style.  BTW ~ my style is more of the “country” theme which tends to not be so in style these days.  I also love sunflowers ~ yea, I know those were popular in the 90’s.  So, it makes sense for me to make my own home decor instead of settling for something less desirable in my eyes.

Try it!  You’ll love it and will want to sew everything!  Enter here.

WFMW ~ hospitality

Hospitality is one area I think I need to improve.  I always have the attitude,” My house is your house,” type thing.  But, I am reading this great book, Welcome Home, and have inherited some good tips.  This past Sunday we had house guests for dinner.  I have this little chalkboard in the kitchen and wrote on it, Welcome The Browns on it.  They were so tickled that I wrote that in honor of them.  This only took a second, but it made them feel welcome in our home for the first time.  Check out Rocksinmydryer for more WFMWs.