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I finally finished….

Each year I am going to make a Christmas afghan for our family.  I specifically learned to crochet for this traditional.  Here is my first Christmas afghan….




I used this free pattern here for the granny square.  Also, I used this method to join the squares.

My favorite things

This weeks assignment is going to be heavenly for me.  I love to read about what works for others.  I adore finding  free things, such as forms, organizing tips, crochet/sewing patterns, or anything that will better equip me for my God giving privilege of being a helpmeet and mommy to my 5 beautiful blessings.

So, here is a list of my favorite things……


Old Fashion Homemaking

Homemade Laundry Detergent

Shampoo Bar ~ this is so sudsy and smells wonderful, Of course, it’s all natural.

Homemade Cleaners

Organized Christmas


Nourishing Traditions

Favorite Granola

Menu Plan Made Easy


Christmas Crochet

Apron Patterns


Disciple Notebook

The Woman of Excellence


Me and My House

Letter Factory DVD

Preschool/Kindergarten Notebook

Our education resources

Give-away ~ Learn how to sew

Sewing is such a lost art in our society today.  But what a blessing it is to for the homemaker to master this hobby or art.  I just learned the art of sewing about a year ago.  I love it!  I am still a rookie, but plan to make as many clothes, household items, and gifts as possible.  Growing in Grace is giving away 2 gifts to encourage and  initiate you in this lost wonderful homemaking learned task. My mom knows how to sew, but doesn’t adhere to it as a necessity, but more of a hobby when she wants to work on a project.  Also, I don’t remember my grandmothers sewing at all.

I made my own Kitchen curtains because I fell in love with the fabric.  I now have the perfect kitchen curtains that suits my style.  BTW ~ my style is more of the “country” theme which tends to not be so in style these days.  I also love sunflowers ~ yea, I know those were popular in the 90’s.  So, it makes sense for me to make my own home decor instead of settling for something less desirable in my eyes.

Try it!  You’ll love it and will want to sew everything!  Enter here.

WFMW ~ hospitality

Hospitality is one area I think I need to improve.  I always have the attitude,” My house is your house,” type thing.  But, I am reading this great book, Welcome Home, and have inherited some good tips.  This past Sunday we had house guests for dinner.  I have this little chalkboard in the kitchen and wrote on it, Welcome The Browns on it.  They were so tickled that I wrote that in honor of them.  This only took a second, but it made them feel welcome in our home for the first time.  Check out Rocksinmydryer for more WFMWs.

My struggle…

Yesterday,  we started loosely our new school year.  We spent a lot of time putting together our notebooks, so it wasn’t a typical school day for us.  For the most part, it went exceptional well except I didn’t get my chores done.  Your probably thinking so what?  I want so much to think and believe that!!!!

I know what I need to do, but lack the courage to implement God’s will for my life or be content with His plan.  I know I did what He wanted me to do, but it’s not want I wanted to accomplish.  I realize that it was much more imperative for me to home educate my children than to clean the toilets and vacuum.  Not to mention that  I did manage to do 4 loads of laundry, clean out the school closets, organize all the school supplies, and write and mail 2 letters.  Also, I spent time with the Lord early in the morning and cooked, fed, and attended to my children yesterday.  And why do I feel so miserably discontent???

Because my list of things to do is Jill’s list of things to do not God’s list of things to do.  It’s a very different list.  Also, I beg to differ with Him.  However, His way is going to be my way.  Tough adjustment for me.

I am diligently seeking, asking, and even begging the Lord each morning to tell me what His will is for my day, not what Jill’s agenda is.  This is going to be so hard!!!!!!  I will keep you posted each day for the next week on how my day is going and I pray that I am more content and at peace with God’s list of things to do.  I might even take pictures of my house.  EEEKKKS!

Please pray for me to seek the Lord’s will each day.  Also, please leave a comment if you struggle with this same annoying habit and I will add you to my prayer list.

Monday Plan Menu ~ Oct 1






Monday ~ Smoked Sausage Stew with rice, and green salad

Tuesday ~ Chicken over Cornbread, broccoli, apple sauce

Wednesday ~ Tacos and nachos

Thursday ~ Pizza Chicken served over pasta, green beans, and garlic bread

Friday ~ BBQ Meatballs served over rice, buttered beans, green salad

BBQ Meatballs
2 lbs. lean hamburger or ground turkey
2 eggs
2 c. quick oatmeal
1 c. minced onion
1 c. milk (whole or cream)
1 tsp. cracked black pepper

Mix and make 72 walnut sized balls (any larger and sauce won’t cook through). Place in flat pan in a single layer.

3 c. ketchup
2 c. brown sugar
3 tbsp. liquid smoke or Kitchen Bouquet
1 tsp. salt

Mix sauce over low heat and pour 1/2 of mixture or less over meatballs. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour. Add meatballs and remaining sauce to 1 gallon freezer bag and lay flat to freeze. Serve over rice

Smoked Sausage Stew
1lb smoked sausage, 1 can of French Onion Soup, 1 can of chili tomatoes, 5 diced potatos, 2 cups of water, 3T onion flakes.

Cook on low in crock pot all day until ready. Great with cornbread or served over rice.

Shannon is hosting Monday Plan Monday. It’s fun to get new recipes and meal suggestions.


Thankful Thursday ~ Sept 27th


Golly, another week has almost flown by~ Where does time go? I have been so thankful this week despite my allergy junk. I am sooooo blessed and highly favored because……


1) My dh works so hard each and every day to make sure we have everything we need. He still manages time for our precious family. He strives to be the spiritual leader in our family.

2) God’s mercy. I continue to stumble and He still loves me and blesses me.

3) My darling son, who just turned 8 months on Tuesday. He brings such joy to our family. He makes the silliest faces. We all just adore him.

4) That God lead me at the homeschool convention to pick out the perfect math for my ds who stumbles in math. His self esteem has boosted immensely.

5) The courageous soldiers who unselfishly fight for our freedom. How brave they are.

6) The privilege of trying to be the help meet to my dh and the mommy of 5 beautiful sons that God has entrusted in my care. WOW!!!!!!!


Being thankful is contagious, check out Stingmyheart. You will be blessed..



Monday Meanderings

I decided to participate in Monday Meanderings solely to hold myself accountable for the weekly tasks that I need to accomplish this prior week. I have been slacking a bit and want to be the housewife God intended me to be…

1) Bible Study/Devotions ~ I am working on a study that sparked my interest last week. Fasting. I have learned and changed my views on this topic, “fasting.” Also, my prayer life is lacking. My days are so much brighter when I start my day off with the Lord.

2) Must Do ~

Start figuring out what we are making for Christmas presents

Box up all Punkie’s clothes that are too small. ):

prepare for our co-op, make copies

go to the library

3) Zone ~

clean out hall closets

clean out library/office

4) Train them up.. Continue with our daily bible devotions each day. Also, make it a point to discuss with the two older ones their quiet devotion time each night. The verse we are concentrating on this week is…

Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good spirit lead me on level ground. Ps 143:10

5) Check out my menu plan. Also, I want to start posting my menu each week on something more decorative than an index card.


If you want to see what others are needing encouragement on this week see Tiany.

Monday Plan Menu ~ Sept 24


Sloppy Joes, green beans with almond slivers, and French Fries


Shake n Bake chicken, wild rice, and salad


Stew, cornbread, and salad


spaghetti, garlic rolls, and green beans


BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, and broccoli with cheese sauce


Falling Into Spice Cake

Orgjunkie has a tons of menu plans for you this week.



Thankful Thursday ~ 20

This week I am so very thankful for so many things ~ I can’t imagine why God has picked me to be His child when I continue to stumble……

I am thankful for ……


1) God’s Word ~ how comforting to know that we can go to His word when ever we want and the Holy Spirit has time for me. Yes, just plain old me!

2) My house ~ now granted it’s not a mansion or anything, but it fits our family to a T. I believe God has blessed us with this house to fellowship with others and spread His love.

3) A church family ~ a place you can always go and be safe and know that others truly love you.

4) How God always provides when needed. He ALWAYS finds a way.

5) Our Homeschool group is wonderful. So loving and welcoming…

6) My wonderful 5 sons ~ I honestly don’t understand how He thinks that I am suitable to raise 5 boys. Boys will be Boys! Funny, I only grew up with 1 sister.

7) My dh who works so hard to keep us safe, fed, and clothed while we have fun everyday doing school.

8) That God has put a strong desire in my heart to teach my boys His love and grace everyday along with the academics when I wake up. I don’t dread it like so many others do. This is a true blessing!

9) The blogging world is full of so many Christian woman who encourage me daily. Did I mention the blogging world is my social life. Sad, but true! (: I love you all!

Check out other thankful ladies at Stingmyheart.