WFMW ~ Never be late

This is one of my favorite things….  My mom had one and I had to run out to Wally World and get one, too.  This little gem of a night lite plugs into your outlet.  I have mine in my bathroom.  Unfortunately I always know how little of time I have left to sleep when I have to tickle in the middle of the night and I ALWAYS know how many more minutes I have in making myself look gorgeous before running out of the house with 6 kiddos.   So hurry to Walmart and purchase your cute little night lite for around 8 bucks.  It’s located in the hardware department.

Tips I want to remember:

3D Flowers

Ribbon Clip holder

Painted Counter Top


One response to “WFMW ~ Never be late

  1. Oh what a great idea! The bathroom is a perfect place for one of these!

    However, I don’t know if I would be able to see it in the middle of the night because I wouldn’t have my glasses on. 🙂

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