School Year 2010-2011

We have begun our new school year.  We have decided to home school all year and take breaks whenever our heart desires.  If we need a break, we will just Do IT!  I absolutely go insane when we stop our routine.  It is great for a few days, but as always things get crazy.  Fights and bickering hammers our days, mommy gets irritable, and no one is happy.  So that is our current plan.  During the summer, school will be short, but sweet. Our curriculum choices for the school year 2010-2011 is the following….

My Father’s World ~ Creation to Greek My Father’s World ~

Kindergarten.  He will be finished in a few months because he is breezing through it, and we will start First Grade soon.

Singapore Math

RightStart Math Games

Saxon 8/7 with Dive CD

Phonetic Zoo

Intermediate Language Lessons

All – in – One English

Pathway Reader and Workbook – Grade 4 ~ using very loosely.  He will be completing only 1 or 2 lessons on comprehension a week.  The rest of the time he will be reading “real Living”books.

Christian Light  Literature – Grade 7 & 8 ~ using very loosely.  I have to admit that I am not thrilled with this choice.  I was looking for more of reading comprehension type thing. They will be completing 2 lessons per week.  The stories are good, but there is too much other stuff than comprehension that I wasn’t looking for.

And lots of Nature Reading books to browse during Book Basket Time daily.

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