Book Review ~ Keeping Our Child’s heart

My dh and I have always anticipated on keeping our child’s hearts pure as a vital priority in our child raising years.  This book was a great reminder and really got me thinking twice on what we expose our children to on a daily basis.

The book Keeping Our Children’s Hearts by Steven and Terri Maxwell has an enormous amount of godly wisdom that you can partake and implement in your own household.  However, some of their family principles are a little far fetched for me.  I consider myself a conservative christian, but I feel like a few of their principles were too extreme.  But for the most part, I would highly recommend this book to all parents who are seeking knowledge in maintaining you childrens heart.

I love the fact that the authors highly recommend writing out your family principles on paper and revisiting them every year.  What a blessing this is to hold on to when making family decisions.  For example, eating together as a family each night is a high priority for my dh and I.  We look at each outside activity and determine if it would interfere with our family meal time.  What is more important and best for our family.  We always must ask if this goes against our family principles.

Also, I can relate to the fact that several people, including some family members, believe that we over shelter our children.  We are the ones that have to answer to the Lord for our children not them.  It was just a reminder I needed  to hear before allowing Satan in.

In a nutshell, there is tons of great biblical family principles stated in this little book.  Take what hits your heart and start implementing those godly principles in your home today.  I give it a thumbs up.

One response to “Book Review ~ Keeping Our Child’s heart

  1. Just stumbled upon you blog you have a beautiful family. I have not read this book but have enjoyed everything I have read from the Maxwells

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