Book Review~Mrs. Dunwoody’s Excellent Instruction for Homekeeping

I can not say enough about this priceless book that I just finished reading while spending precious time nursing my little princess.  I never enjoyed nursing so much.  LOL!  This book has an enormous amount of timeless wisdom and practical advice.  It saddens me that the art of homemaking and being a lady at home has lost it’s honor.  I strongly believe this is the one of the main contribution to the way the world is today.  Yes, call me old-fashioned if you must.  Being a domestic engineer is my chosen career.

This book of gems has everything in it from the care of beds to administering a remedy after being struck by lightening.  Some of my favorite topics were….

Esential Guide to Absolutely Delightful Parties

Very Impolite Things

When Someone Passes Over

List of Requirements for an Exceptional Spouse

The Lasting Happiness in Matrimony

And oh there is so much more.  This book will remain in my house until my dd gets married.  Then it will be hers to share and implement with her own household. It is a must for all females whether you are a single or married.  Would also make a great shower or wedding gift.  I plan on discussing this in great depth when my dd turns the teen years.  So for now, I have 18 years to put these timeless bits of advice into practice.

Also, I adore the fill-in-pages for pertinent information that you wish to pass down to generation to generation.

I give this book a big thumbs up.  No, you can’t borrow it!  Go get your own here.

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