Crock Pot Dinner #4

crock pot

Green Chili Chicken

You can’t find an easier recipe than this one.  Throw frozen chicken breast in the crock pot, 1 can of cream of chicken on top, and last but not least, empty out a can of green chilis into your concoction.  Done on high in 4 hours or cook on low for about 6–7.

Serve over brown rice with a salad.

Note:  I have a large family, so I use the large can of cream of chicken soup and 2 cans of green chilis.

2 responses to “Crock Pot Dinner #4

  1. akentuckycreation

    I used to put frozen uncooked meat into my crockpot. New guidelines show that the raw meat does not get up to the proper cooking temperature quickly and can hover in the “danger zone” temps which could cause food poisoning. The precooked meatballs, etc. that are frozen are probably OK. I would suggest thawing the chicken in the microwave and then putting it into the crockpot.

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