Crock Pot Dinner #1

crock potBeing big, fat, and pregnant with my back giving me fits, I decided that we would try to use the crock pot as much as possible. With the thought that the boys could throw our dinner in the crock pot at noon and I could finish the rest at supper time. The plan has worked marvels for our family. The boys actually love to make the main meal and feel so distinguished that they participated. I just love this plan. Tonight we had the following…….

Beef Stroganuff

Sauteed Spinach ~

I just saute fresh spinach with butter, garlic, salt & pepper, and squeeze fresh lemon at the end.

Pumpkin Pudding

I’ll try to post each crock pot meal we have for the remainder of this pregnancy.  Only 3 more months….  I already feel physically disabled….


One response to “Crock Pot Dinner #1

  1. I’m looking forward to this series! I’ve got to start using my crockpot more. I’d rather take a break at the end of our school day than have to start working on dinner.

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