Fall is in the air…..

Well maybe not in my air in East Texas, but somewhere it must be happening, right?  I love to decorate for Autumn, in fact, it is my favorite time of year.  I would love to keep my Fall Harvest decor up all year, but my dh detests…  I can’t understand why, can you?  Our color scheme in our house are warm Fall colors.  I tried to compromise with him and told him that our kitchen could be done in pumpkins, but he thought that was weird, too.  Men have absolutely no sense of decoration skills, whatsoever.  Anyways, I save my pennies to add to my Fall decor each year.  I found these cute, so cute items at Kirklands that I must get.  Of course, I couldn’t get them when we were at Kirklands this past weekend together as a family, but I will be going back soon into town by myself to get these cute finds….

salt and pepper shakers

Are these not cutest salt and pepper shakers you have ever seen.?  Only 4.99.

wine glasses

I love wine, I mean wine glasses…  These are so festive.. . Too bad I can’t have the real stuff to compliment these fine gems  since princess is still baking in the oven.  But there is always next year.  Red wine Grape juice would look so divine in these seasonal glasses. These are on sale for 15.98, what a steal.

5 responses to “Fall is in the air…..

  1. Really cute!! Shouldn’t you be shopping for “pink” things?
    Hope you’re feelin’ good. Well, my day flew. I went w/Marvin to the dr. He does brain and spine stuff. Anyway, he wants M. to try Toradol (anti-inflammatory) for a couple of wks then come schedule a possible procedure for cement in the lower back lumar to stabilize it. It’s pinching off 3 areas of the cord. So, we’ll see how this pill does first.
    I got the day off. Anyway, it was a nice break from the papers and bells at school.

  2. Fall – come north. It’s in the low 40’s at night here & getting to a “high” of either the low 70s or high 60s. It’s really my favorite time of year though. Those salt/pepper shakers are cute & the wine glasses too!

  3. Those salt and pepper shakers are absolutely adorable. 🙂

  4. Where did you happen to find those salt and pepper shakers. I went on the Kirklands.com and saw them in the front picture with other items but can’t seem to find it to buy it. Any ideas? Do they have them in the store?

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