Our journey to China…..


This week for school we traveled to China.  The boys really enjoyed this week.  We hit several different topics this week pertaining to the interesting China ethnics.  Very different from our culture the boys discovered.

First, we found  China on the big wall map of the world.  We each had our own map of China.  We labeled the capital,  the Yangtze River, and The Great Wall of China.  They also colored the China flag.

We read The Story of Ping and looked at several videos on YouTube describing the Yangtze River.  We also wrote down in our illustrated dictionary the term for river.

We also studied Pandas. We read about pandas in Magnificent Mammals and The Zoo Guide. In addition, we looked at several videos of Pandas on Youtube.  The boys all did a notebook page.  Doobie completed the page on Pandas in DWN #7 .  It was really fun to watch the little ones dance to Kung Fu Fighting.   The younger boys want a panda now instead of goats.  LOL!

We read about Hudson Taylor in Heaven Heroes.  Each child completed a notebook page and placed under their history pipeline.

We read on the net about the history of the Great Wall of China. We enjoyed watching videos on this magnificent structure here.  My ds4 was intrigued and built the Great Wall of China with his cardboard blocks.

The older boys chose to make an origami from the book, Geography Through Art.  While the younger ones made a dragon mask.

We are currently reading, Homesick for read a loud with the older ones.  We really enjoyed the book, The Empty Pot.  A great story that I want to have on our bookshelf.

We ended the week of by watching Mulan.

This coming week we will learning about South Korea.  Hopefully they will be as entertained as their journey to China entailed.

2 responses to “Our journey to China…..

  1. Thanks for taking the time to post your week’s activities. We are starting school next week with a ‘slow start’–starting with reading and math. However in just a couple weeks we’ll be adding in Galloping the Globe. I’m going to bookmark your site and come back often! 🙂

  2. You make me want to homeschool (as if I hadn’t considered it a million times already)! I LOVE the idea of “traveling” to different countries, and what a cool list of things to do. Have a great “visit!”

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