What really pleases God ….

I have often ponder that question.  In fact, I have repeatedly asked my children if they thought their actions were pleasing to God.  Sounds good, huh, coming from a Christian parent who is only trying to diligently train their children in His eyes.  Guilt trip always works well with children, right?  Then I hear Dr. Phil’s little voice in the back of my head, “How’s that working for you, Jill?”  I have to stop and think…. What am I teaching my children?  I believe so many Christan’s today are missing the true one thing that pleases God….  He wants you to believe in Him and have a relationship with Him.  Period. Your not going to score brownie points with God  if you volunteered at the orphanage, or if you made it to church on time and all your 10 children  brushed their teeth with toothpaste. He wants you!  Please don’t mistake what I am saying here….  Yes, he wants you to serve Him, but he is longing for you to know Him .  That’s what truly pleases Him.  Take some time this week and meditate on Phillipians 3:1-11.  Paul explains it so much deeper than I could possibly ever do~I guess that is why God has yet to chose me to write newest book of the New Testament, The book of Jill .  LOL!

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