Book review ~ The Duggars:20 and counting

duggarI have to admit I bought this book with one purpose in mind ~ teaching my young ones to blanket train successfully.   Someone suggested this book on one of my yahoo groups to train your younger ones to stay on a blanket quietly while you teach the older children.  I thought it was worth the 10.00.  Not only did I implement the blanket time successfully, but I learned many other biblical principles pertaining to christian parenting, financial freedom, organization tips, and many easy  recipes.   They are down to earth Christians that love the Lord and believe children are a blessing.  My dh and I have many of the same beliefs as Jim Bob and Michele.   This book was a blessing and inspiration to me in just about every aspect of my life.  Some of my favorite topics in the book are…..

The Family Rules

Organization Tips with index card ~ I actually started implementing this process over Christmas.

Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti

Blanket Time ~ my favorite

This book is filled with wonderful ideas, biblical principles, and just some plain old facts about one of the largest families in America.   They truly have been an inspiration to me.  I have to admit I was turned off by the Discovery Channel broadcasts.  I thought that it was a far cry from what life is truly like for them as a family on a typical day.   I have now gained an enormous of amount of respect for this family.   They are wonderful Christian mentors.  I pray that many individuals get their hands on this Godly read.  I believe anyone who reads  this book would be touched by taking a peek into The Duggar family home.  It’s  a book that will leave a lasting effect on many families seeking to live a Godly life despite the opinions of the secular world.


One response to “Book review ~ The Duggars:20 and counting

  1. Thanks for the review. I’ve been wondering if it is worth the read. It certainly sounds like it is. 😉

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