BFS ~ Easy Button

myassignmentI would be so blessed if I had some prayer warriors praying for me this week.

First, I would like my thoughts be nothing but wonderful in His eyes.  My memory verse for this week is

Second, my dh and I have committed to God and to one another to implement the Dave Ramseys’ financial plan.  In order for this to happen, we must sell our house.  I love my house!  But I know God is calling us to do this in order to pay off debt.  Please help me be motivated and cheerful in preparation getting the house ready for showings.  Please pray that we will find a comfortable house in the country that meets our financial needs.  I don’t want to move back to the city.  I know this is only temporary, but the end of the road seems so far away.  BTW ~ I hate change.

Thank you in advance for your prayers.  I know God is capable of changing my heart.  But I need a little push……  I would be honored if you would leave your hearts callings for me to share with God this week.  Have a beautiful week.


8 responses to “BFS ~ Easy Button

  1. God bless you. Praying that God will help you be content with this decision. And that He would see fit to bless you with a place in the country (within your budget) that you will love just as much…if not more.

  2. Wow, you are such an inspiration! I know you’ll be blessed for being obedient and taking steps to sell your house. I hate change also, it took me a good year to feel like my house was our home. BUT, it will be so worth it once you obtain financial freedom! Praying for you!

  3. We’ll be praying for you. I understand how it is to have to give up your home. Ours wasn’t by choice but it was the same acceptance to have to go through.

    Mrs. Nancy

  4. I hate change too. I think god asks it of me just to test my heary and make sure it is toward him and not myself. Praying for these.

  5. Praying for your requests and that the Lord will give you peace and contentment in your heart as you follow what He would have you to do.

  6. May God bless you as you get on the road to financial freedom! I know it will be worth it. My dh and I have followed Dave Ramsey’s advise and we are closer to being debt free. We still have a little ways to go but God sure has blessed our efforts! Praying,

  7. Yeppers, that is a very hard one Will pray for you dear. Have a good weekend too.

  8. We missed you last night! Hope all is well.

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