Fan the Flame

flameIt seems like many homeschoolers begin to see the fire die out around this time of year. Yet it doesn’t always take a whole lot to get the flames burning bright again. It may be one small change in your routine. Maybe it’s trying out an idea you’ve been pondering for awhile. Or you might need to throw on a bit of kindling on to fuel that fire.

THEME: Let’s see some sparks of imagination as we encourage one another, sharing ways to get your homeschool efforts cooking again. What is something you’ve done, or thought about doing, to “fan the flame” of waning motivation?

Several things that I have done in the past to spark our homeschool during February.  Weird, how it’s always this particular month, huh.

First, I have done several unit studies by Amanda Bennett. I give the boys 3 choices and they vote on the particular study.  Amanda Bennetts unit studies are little to no preparation and you can do it all on-line.

Second, I have had a week of Unschooling sort of speaking.  I ask the boys what they want to learn today.  They are to research it and write a notebook page on the subject.  Sometimes they continue with the same subject all week if their interests sparks or change subjects each day.  This is beneficial because we can’t teach our children everything in life, but we can educate them how to learn and research.

Third, pick a subject and go to the library.  Get all the books you can on that subject including fiction.  Enjoy reading together and maybe even doing a project at the end of the week.

Check out other ideas on how to spark your homeschool here.


4 responses to “Fan the Flame

  1. I love the idea of letting the kids pick some fun things to do, actually love all the ideas, they are really good ones to keep us motivated following through.


  2. Good ideas!! Thanks for sharing!


  3. I like the idea of going to the library. We sometimes get in such a rut that we forget it’s there. Thanks for reminding me!

  4. Great ideas for the midwinter burnout syndrome! Thanks for sharing and for your kind words.

    Amanda B.

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