Run Kitty Run….

We finally were able to adopt our much wanted kittens that were born on Christmas Eve.  Our hunter of a cat, Simba disappeared.  He was “The Cat,”  He would kill huge rabbits that would enter our acreage.  Also, he was famous for torturing mice.   Needless to say, we had no unwanted critters in our yard until he disappeared.  I suspect coyotes got a hold of him or he got into some mice poison from someones yard.

Punkie named his boy kitty, Tom.


Don’t you love the matching jamies.


We just had to get this orange kitty to match my babies hair.


Zeke E Boy named his girl kitty, Moses.  We thought it was a boy at first, but discovered when we got home it was a female.  He still insists on the name Moses.


dscn0882aWith much prayer, these kitties will survive these two dangerous little boys.


One response to “Run Kitty Run….

  1. Awwww, they are precious!! (the kitties are too)

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