Simple Woman’s Daybook ~ Jan 19th

FOR TODAY …  January 19, 2009)…
Outside my window…
It is a beautiful day filled with sunshine…  In the low 60’s.
I am thinking…about taking a walk this afternoon with the babies in their blue wagon
I am thankful for…that my dh head injury was minor and not more serious
From the learning rooms…we are about to learn the principles of math and continue with our astronomy topical study.
From the kitchen…We are having baked Beans & Dogs casserole
I am wearing…black sweat pants, floral long sleeved Tee, and my slippers
I am creating..our Wii Chart and updating our scripture memory verse box
I am going...try to learn how to tune my new guitar.
I am reading…
The Shack and listening to The Total Money Makeover
I am hoping…
that we have a calm and successful school week
I am hearing… the children in the school room and the heater
Around the house…I organized one of the boys closet and plan on doing the babies this week.
One of my favorite things…is sleeping on our new mattress
A few plans for the rest of the week: we have small group, I am planning on attending MNO, Mops, Homeschool Pot Luck, and pick up our produce on Saturday.
Here is picture thought I am sharing…

My cute little man who will turn 2 this Sunday!



3 responses to “Simple Woman’s Daybook ~ Jan 19th

  1. He’s adorable. See you tomorrow!

  2. Love the picture! I hate to break it to you my friend, but one of your babies is not a baby any more :o)
    Your friend-whose-baby-is-only-two-months-&-33-days-old,-&-not-three-months-like-her-daddy-says!

  3. He is adorable Jill! Look at those eyes!

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