Why our TV is off limit

I have never been a couch potato as a child or as an adult.  My favorite show as a child was the Brady Bunch ~ still love it!  I was never into Sesame Street or just felt I had to watch Mr. Rogers everyday.  However, I did enjoy Little House on the Prairie on Monday nights.  I had a secret crush on Albert. So, our No TV rule is an answer to prayers and has no effect on me personally since I no longer have a crush on Bobby Brady or Albert.

To make a long story short, my adorable 4 year old told my bil to “Go Screw himself!”  Yes, he really said it.  Of course, he didn’t say it in a mean hateful manner, but those words came out of his mouth.  I know he didn’t learn it from us.  I literally had a heart attack.  Many undesirable thoughts were going through my mind ~ in case he said that to his bible study teacher or at co-op?  Lord Help me!

Immediately, I had to get to the bottom of this.  Where did he learn this?  So of course, I asked my innocent and naive almost 12 year old son where Zeke E boy could have possibility heard this term before.  He had this blank look on his face…  It was evident he didn’t comprehend any of what I was asking him.  Maybe it was the horns or the flames coming out of my ears that distracted him.  I don’t know.  Next, I said “Now,  really think about this ~ Did you ever hear this comment before?”   Finally, he said” I believe we heard it on a show the other night when I was flipping through the channels.”  Bingo!  And btw, I truly believe him when he says he was flipping through the channels.  My boys are very obedient when it comes to shows that we have forbidden.  God forbid they should lose precious TV time.  Finally, I asked my 12 year old ds, what he thought that term meant.   His reply was, “Ummn, that you don’t want to really hang out with that person?”  My composed reply was, ” Yes, something like that.  Don’t ever say it!”

So, that was the end of our leisure TV time in our house.  Oh ~ did I mention that this incidence took place on Christmas day?  We have only had the TV diminishing our brain cells  on New Years Eve, during the Cotton Bowl, and for 30 min yesterday to watch, Word Girl, since Christmas Day.  Not once have the boys asked to watch TV.

Instead we play games and the boys use their imaginations to the fullest.  Now, I must admit the boys are a little more barbarous and are wrestling more on the floor, but you have to pick your battles, right?  It’s nothing a glass of wine won’t fix for mommy to maintain her calm and patient demeanor throughout the day with 5 wild boys.  LOL!


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