Snowman sculpture


I found this adorable project that we will do early next week.  I found it here.

How to Make Snowman Sculptures


2 cups Ivory Snow detergent
1/2 cup water

Things for your snowman
Toothpicks, popsicle sticks or small sticks, buttons, felt scraps, small beads, yarn, pipe cleaners.

Make your “snow” by mixing the Ivory snow with the water and beating it with a hand mixer until the consistency of dough.

Immediately shape into 3 snowman shape balls. The head a litle smaller than the middle, etc.. You can use toothpicks to hold the balls together as you stack them on top each other.

Now add your arms and eyes. Use twigs or popsicle sticks for arms, buttons or small beads for eyes. Make a scarf out of felt scraps or crochet a yarn chain. We used pompoms and pipepcleaners to make earmuffs. A orange pipe cleaner cut and folded into a small triangle was our nose.

These look cute on a stand or mantle.


One response to “Snowman sculpture

  1. Super cute. Thanks for sharing Jill. Hope you have a Merry Christmas, I’ll email you after Christmas about group next week (on the 30th right?)

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