BFS ~ What I can’t get enough of…


Betcha’ Can’t Eat Just One (Lays Potato Chips)

Assignment: Tell us about something that you can’t get enough of and what scripture(s) in the Bible you cannot tear yourself away from.

Ohh..  There are so many things I can’t get enough of during the short hours of each given day..

First, I need to read ICor13 everday. I need a constant reminder of the true definition of love each morning.  Especially the patience part. And sometimes I require His food  more frequently than just once a day .  In another words, this  apparently is the one of the  reminders God thinks I need to ponder and chew on.  Obviously, it hasn’t completely sunk in my heart yet.

Second, I can not get enough books.  I love, love, love books.  I love books that will aid me in becoming the woman God designed me to become.  I have a butt load of reading material.  (don’t tell my boys I used the “B” word)  I don’t read much fiction, but when I do ~ I love to indulge into a Janette Oke book.  Always a good, easy and  inspirational read.  Check out some of my reads here and here.

Third, this is proabaly my favorite chip of them all…  I love to gain knowledge, wisdom, and understanding from the Lord in discovering curriculum and lessons in teaching my children to reason from a biblical worldview.  I have learned so much myself and believe God has directed me to use the Principle Approach to teach my children everyday.  This is the one area that I truly acted out of obedience.  And a tough one ~ I don’t like change especially when something is going so well… We were using the Charlotte Mason approach and I was completly at ease with how our school day agenda sailed along each day.  I still do love the Charlotte Mason approach and still implement several of her suggested methods and ideas.  Now, I can’t get enough knowledge of the principle approach. However, this requires much study time for me.  But I consider it a gift that God has given me that will truly be a blessing to my children and the future generation to come.  It has also taught me to reason from God’s view in every area of my life too.  I find myself often asking, “How does God think about this?”  The Principle Approach is a life long learning approach that I will continue to pursue for at least 16 more years until my youngest graduates.

5 responses to “BFS ~ What I can’t get enough of…

  1. I am a huge reader also. I also like Janette Oak, Jan Karon and Francine Rivers.
    I have heard maybe once about the principle approach…I will have to read up on this.


  2. I love reading too – and I am trying to teach my children from a truly biblical worldview. But I haven’t heard of the rinple approach before. Maybe I’m kinda doing it without knowing it. LOL


  3. if your boys knew you used that word.. would they burst out laughing? lol

    You changed your blog again.. … where do you find the time (wink)


  4. I love books too! I don’t necessarily love reading them, I just love having lots of them. Crazy, eh? Thank you so much for sharing your scriptures, they’re all so wonderful.

    BFS Teacher

  5. Oh man-I am a biblioholic….yes. Sounds like you are too! I have done a lot of reading up on the Principal Approach…very good program from the looks of it. A lovely post to go with a lovely blog…very cute and love the snowman!


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