The week before Thanksgiving…

plbywg4All my children are getting anxious and excited about the holidays.  We are taking off from the week of Thanksgiving til right after the New Years.  YIPEEEE!!!  However, we started school in July.  So, we are in need of a school break.  Some things we have planned for this week are…

* We will be completing our Thanksgiving lapbooks.  Get some great ideas here.

*  We will be watching the movie, The Mayflower Pilgrims that we got from Netflix.

*  The bigger ones will help the little ones with this cute Pilgrim boy easy craft.

*  We will be making these cute name place settings.

*  We will be reading the book An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving as a family,

*  For their writing assignment the boys will be writing a thank you note to each guest at our Thanksgiving Feast and state why they are thankful for that particular person.  The little ones will color a picture and I will write what they are thankful for.

*  Also, we will be reading tons of Thanksgiving books from the library.  Sorry if you live by me and went to my library to check out some Thanksgiving books…

I’m sure I will come across some other fun Thanksgiving activities, too.  If you have any cute ideas ~ leave a comment.

One response to “The week before Thanksgiving…

  1. I have that cute little mouse & pie on my desktop – makes me smile every time I walk past the computer.

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