My Prayer today….

I would be so humbled if just one person came to know Jesus due to my shining light.


One response to “My Prayer today….

  1. Well hello! I found your blog through a search engine…I was looking at pages and pages of Christmas planners/notebooks. I got a chuckle of your post last year…where you were pregnant with number 5 and trying to be organized for Christmas! Wow. Then I clicked on your present post…the best one I have seen all day. I too am a believer and believe in raising children to always serve Christ and Never Ever walk away! Anyhow would you mind if I linked to your post last year from my blog? All next week I am posting on organizers and planners for Christmas. Each day will be something different and I would like to show yours if it is OK? Thanks, you can email me or post a comment, either is fine! Have a blessed day!
    Debbie Booth

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