Making Our Home a Haven ~ Day 3


Yesterday was such a fabulous and productive day for me.  I accomplished everything except the hugh mountain of laundry that is about to erupt in my laundry room.  But realistically it will not develop into an ant mound until next week.  And that is ok ~ I keep telling myself.

For today….  I am hosting Keno at my house tonight so I will be doing the following….

* mop kitchen, bathroom, and entry way floors

cleaning the boys/guest bathroom

windexing the french doors, halltry mirror, and the TV

* preparing the supper for my guest

* wrapping my Keno gifts

*tidying up the entire haven

As well as, trying to get at least 3 loads of laundry completed.

We will be doing school, but mostly self taught activities/or lessons.

I’m praying that my day goes as smoothly as yesterday.  It truly is a blessing to have God guide us all day.  However, I must keep him on the throne and not myself.  Our bible devotion yesterday was Romans 12: 1-13.  It helped me stay focus.


One response to “Making Our Home a Haven ~ Day 3

  1. I saw your name on Monicas Mr. Linky and had to come visit…I have five boys. I couldn’t quickly find out how many “tons of sons” were but I’ll try to stop by later when I have more time:-)

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