Making Our Home a Haven ~ Day 2


Yesterday was a productive day for us.  We absolutely got no school accomplished except the boys did read their literature for 30 min each.  Also, Doobie did 2 pages of his phonic workbook and completed his handwriting.

I deeply cleaned the kitchen yesterday ~ meaning I wiped the counters, washed the baseboards, wiped down the chairs, cleaned out several cabinets, and also polished the cabinets.

Of course, I didn’t complete all tasks yesterday, but my list is always an on-going list.  See what I did complete yesterday here.

Today I was able to rise a bit earlier than the boys and have my much needed quiet time with the Lord.  I prayed over what I should put on my list today.  This is what He revealed to me.

clean and dust library

wash kitchen curtains

* catch up on the laundry ~ washer was down yesterday, YIKES!!

* make our lasagna ~ we went to Double Daves last night

* Make bread/rolls

* Make pumpkin bread

Of course,  we will be doing a full day of school, but we can accomplish what the Lord puts in our path today with His help.  Yesterday the boys helped me tremendously.  My boys are going to make some women so very blessed.  They will be so equipped to maintain a household.  I love training my boys to be wonderful husbands.  I’m still working on the love of sport thing on the weekends, though….  LOL!

Have a blessed day, my sisters!


2 responses to “Making Our Home a Haven ~ Day 2

  1. Jill,
    I just came over from The Homepun Heart and wanted to say I really like your blog. We have four sons and a daughter. I love your blog name! I look forward to spending a little time reading some of your other posts (especially on homeschooling-we use the Princliple Approach too).

  2. Your day sounds well planned/prayed for – hope you’ve had a blessed day!

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