Making Our Home a Haven


Did I ever mention that I love our home….  I enjoy making a safe and enjoyable place for our family and friends.  We are planning on putting our home for sale and also we are hosting Thanksgiving at our home.  So, I must get busy….  Today we will do just the bare minimal with school …..School Can Wait!  BTW ~ I have that book and I need to read it.  We will put on some Christmas music and we will start our forever ongoing tasks for the day….

* deep clean kitchen

* clean out both ice boxes

* deep clean the library

* I must finish my Christmas towels for my Keno gift

* make our lasagna for tonight

* Bathe and get ready for our small group

* make pumpkin bread

* make homemade bread and rolls

* bathe the 2 younger ones

* pick up prescription and drop off at pharmacist

I love to see what others are doing today.  Also, if and how they reached their goals.  I must stay focus and rely on God to help me.  Any tasks are a bit of a challenge with 5 busy boys at home.  But I have 10 extra hands that can help me.  What a blessing…

Now go and make your home a haven!


5 responses to “Making Our Home a Haven

  1. I love the name of your blog! Tons of sons! Cute! 🙂 Trusting that your cleaning day goes well! God bless!

  2. WOW!!! You better get crackin’, huh?! 🙂 It’s crazy around here, too, as always!! Have a blessed day, Jill!


  3. Busy busy list today – I hope you had a good day and are encouraged in your Haven this evening!

  4. I love our home too. It’s the safest place I know. Missed u last night too. Today we’re being lazy. David’s birthday is today so it’s anything and everything he wants to do. I accomplish my daily tasks by making a list. I have a small dry erase board on our fridge. I love crossing things off my list as I accomplish them. Looks like your a list maker too!

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