Simple Woman’s Day Book ~ Oct 27th

For Today…

Outside my Window…a beautiful, sunny and crisp cool day.  Just perfect!

I am thinking..Christmas will be here before I know it.

From the learning rooms…This week we are concentrating on studying the bones and the election.

I am thankful for… being able to stay home and teach my 5 boys to reason from a biblical world view.

From the kitchen…I have a cabbage casserole in the crock pot that I will serve over rice and chocolate chip cookie bars.

I am wearing…green warm-up type capris and a striped T-shirt ~ cleaning clothes.

I am reading.. Let Us Highly Resolve

I am hoping…to be pregnant soon

I am creating…a Christmas afghan for our family.

I am hearing… Four of my boys happily playing outside and my 21 month old singing to the dog.

Around the house… I need to do organization this week.

One of my favorite things… Is seeing the fruit my children produce after years of homeschooling

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… Busy week ~ we have Life Group, Co-op, and we are going to some friends for Halloween.  However, I am looking forward to just taking it easy and enjoying our topical studies on the skeleton and the boys putting together their election lapbook


2 responses to “Simple Woman’s Day Book ~ Oct 27th

  1. Great day-book. The dinner sounds fantastic! I hope you get your wish soon! Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing your day.

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