BFS ~ Relaxing Time

Assignment: Tell us all about how your have “your” relaxing time, more especially how during the cooler months you take time to curl up with your favorite movie, book, Bible study, and what your favorite warm drink would be.

Relaxing time, what’s that?

Relaxing times for a blessed mommy of 5 boys….

After I put the younger ones down for a nap, we all curl up on my bed(with blinds shut) and I read out loud to the older ones and we discuss our topical study.  I usually can bribe one of the older ones with a dollar or two to rub my feet with  lotion.  Then I usually fall asleep for a brief nap.  I love my naptime.

Second, I love to crochet before I start supper.  I watch the news at 4pm everyday and get my political science in for the day.  I strive to get all my chores done before lunch so I can get this special time in each day.  I am currently working on a  Christmas afghan for our family.

Another relaxing blessing I adore is bedtime with the younger ones.  I have the luxury of having a dh that loves to actually do the physical part of tucking the boys in.  I read to the younger ones at least 2 books.  We love to go to the library and pick out tons of books of interest every other Saturday.  I sometimes try and pick a theme.  Last week, we read books on apples. We curl up on my bed and cuddle.  Many times my ds7 and I will read every other page.  Once again, I’m sneaking school in.  Hee Hee……  Then, my dh puts them to bed and I read my book in my oh so cozy bed.

My dh and I  enjoy watching movies from Netflix once or twice a week after the boys go to bed in our bedroom.  But finding a good movie these days is bit challenging.  And it’s a real treat when I actually don’t fall asleep before the movie ends.  If I do, my dh always informs of the ending.

Also, I indulge in a hot bath in the dark with a candle before bedtime during the colder months.  The very best bubbles are…..  Read this post here. I love to put my warm flannel jammies on, too.

So, as you can read, I actually do manage to have some relaxing time with 5 boys.  I take every relaxing minute as a blessing and work hard to accomplish all my tasks during the earlier hours.  Life is good for me.  God really has blessed me beyond measures.

15 responses to “BFS ~ Relaxing Time

  1. Sounds so wonderful! I love that you have a routine. I used to try and have all my housework done by 12:30 so I could sit and watch the Millionaire game show. Our family loves it! Then we get down to business with the heavy duty school work. Thank you for sharing your days with us and your relaxing time.

    Mrs. Nancy
    BFS Teacher

  2. I like bubble baths too. One place the boys won’t disturb me. ;~) My daughter will though. LOL


  3. Oh, it all sounds wonderful! We love to pile up in my bed and read and snuggle too. Nothing like it. I love getting in the middle, my children, one on each side. 🙂

    I do the bubble bath with a candle too. Sometimes I put some light music (instrumental) on. Very relaxing.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh that is funny-I can get my 7yold son to rub lotion on my back (and spell out words and numbers) and do my footsies too. Ah, the power of a few bucks to get a nice relaxing boost of relaxation. Glad to know you can get some time to unwind…very important. I love my bed-it is cozy, comfy and great for just mellowing out-seems you find yours to be great for that too!

  5. Oh my – if I read in bed in a prone position I’d be out like a light in two seconds. 😉 My poor boys. I can only do read alouds at the table or I fall asleep. They don’t seem to mind – too much. LOL

  6. Sounds very relaxing to me!

    ~ Kim

  7. Your relaxing time sounds so wonderful!

  8. Oh, I miss the bathtub! I do have one son with really strong hands who is willing to rub my shoulders (I slouch. Bad Mommy.) so that’s a real blessing.

    I had to chuckle at the “topical books” at the library. One time I went to the library (where we used to live) and the librarian asked me how our study on Alaska was going. I wondered how in the world she knew we were studying Alaska?!? I hadn’t been in for over a week! BUT I used the computer to order books via inter-library-system loan, so I had an entire milk crate full of books waiting for me there…all about Alaska.

    I love to read and relax with the kids, too. Builds great memories!

    Have a relaxing week!!!

  9. I enjoyed reading you post & blog.
    I plan to be back to visit.
    Have a relaxing night. 🙂

  10. With five boys you certainly do need to make the time to relax!! Sounds like you have a great system worked out that includes spending time with the guys, sneaking school in while still relaxing and even getting your alone time!!! Great job!

  11. I enjoyed your post! Blessings! ~ Nikki

  12. I love bubble baths. You sound like you have a great system that allows for your quite time. I strive for this as well with 5 kids.
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Mmmm…hot bath in a darkened room. That is relaxing!

  14. Congratulations!!
    You made BFS friend of the week.
    You have a wonderful blog.

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