Homeschool memoirs ~ week #3

We have started using Judah Bible curriculum(JBC) this new school year.  It is a wonderful, in-depth study and encourages the children to reason from a biblical world-view.  This is a 5 year plan curriculum ~ you only have to buy it once.  (:  After the 5 years ~ you repeat.  Also, it is for all grade levels.  The lessons are broken into 5 themes each year.  JBC uses the principle approach along with notebooking.  We have learned so much about God’s Word it the last 6 weeks.  However, this is more of a guide not a curriculum per SE.  I spend about an hour a week preparing our lessons.  So, if you are short of time, this will not be a good fit for your family.  It is very much spirit led.  So, each families lessons will consist of different leading ideas.  I even have a notebook, too.

Lisa over at MeandMyHouse has an excellent review of this wonderful bible program here.


6 responses to “Homeschool memoirs ~ week #3

  1. I’ve used a similar curriculum, The Weaver by Alpha Omega, and while I really liked it I found that it just didn’t work well for the kids and I, partly because I couldn’t find most of the books needed at our local library and at the time our budget wouldn’t stretch.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  2. Lisa in ME (SHS)

    That sounds interesting & it sounds like a great fit for your family. 😉

  3. I am going to look into the bible program. It looks very good.

  4. Just pop in to see what was new. Thanks for visiting me. Have a great day.


  5. I’ve never heard of the curriculum, but it sounds neat. I’m going to check it out! 😀

  6. Your Bible curriculum sounds interesting – I want to check it out. I had to chuckle a little at the in “debt” part – I know that’s not what you meant – but it’s cute! 🙂 Best wishes! We were just on a big trip and only just started on our “regular” curriculum. I’m feeling a little behind already. ~Dawn

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