Homeschool Memoirs ~ Schedules

We are very much a routine type of a family.  I believe our whole family strives on structure.  We are not so much time sensitive, but everything happens in the same order each day during the school year.  Everyone knows want to do next and there are no excuses.

Our school schedule

We start around 9:00 am


Character Study


Copywork/spelling/phonics with 2nd grader



15 min clean up

Lunch/clean up

Five in a Row with the younger ones

Phonics with preschooler

Naptime for younger ones

Topical Study

Read A Loud

Quiet time for me while the boys finish up all unfinished school and complete chores.

I try to do all my housework in between lessons.

This is our school schedule in a nut shell.  The boys work on projects and handi-work during quiet time.  The TV is not on until 3:30p after all work/chores are completed.  Also, I only allow the boys to play video games on the weekend if they had a good school week ~ meaning completing all work/chores with a cheerful attiitude to the best of their abilities.  I know I am a meanie!


8 responses to “Homeschool Memoirs ~ Schedules

  1. We have the TV rule, too. The kids are allowed 2 hour max TV/computer/playstation per day, but only after 4 p.m. or before 9:30 a.m. Works great for us!

  2. Five boys… wow! I have two (and babysit two more) and I’ve learned that the more boys you add, the wilder it gets. I just love them all so much though! 🙂

    We’re very similiar – having a schedule without sticking to the clock. My kids only get video games on weekends too. My older son would play the computer all day every day if I’d let him!

    It was nice to *meet* you and your family. Maybe I’ll see you again sometime soon. 😀

  3. We have the t.v. rule, too. Works so well that my boys don’t even turn it on on the weekends as well! I enjoyed reading about your routines.

  4. I like your tv rule. I enjoyed hearing your routines.

  5. You are definitely not a meanie. My children don’t get video games except on weekends, too. 😀 They have to have their chores and have read from a book (personal) before they can watch for a little bit in the afternoon or at night. Thanks for sharing your routine! 😀

  6. you are very busy! I remember when my boys were younger and required me to to do a lot more with them. It’s a very good kind of busy. and the house was proof of all the good times I spent with my kids, LOL.

    we don’t even have a TV or video games, LOL. you’re not a meanie. My boys do play computer games when school is done. I limited it more when they were preschool-elementary, not at much now as I did then.

    *this is my 1st HSBA theme participation. thanks for sharing your routines! this has been fun

  7. Our family needs routine too. Not a schedule per-say but a routine. It’s loosely based though to be flexible to what our needs are but we definitely need to know what comes next.

  8. We’re definitely routine rather than schedule folks, too. I enjoyed taking a peek into your homeschool day.

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