HMWT ~ All About me

My name is Jill, mommy to 5 almost perfect sons, dh is still praying for a daughter.  This is our 5th year to home school.  At first, we started homeschooling for academic reasons.  My oldest son was diagnosed with a mild learning disability and the school was unable to pinpoint the diagnoses.  I wasn’t thrilled with what the public school had to offer my son during the upcoming school year.  So, here we are 5 years later, and it has been the most rewarding decision that I have made in regards to my precious blessings.  I am so glad that I followed the Holy Spirit and didn’t surrender to the outside worlds opinions, this includes family members.

We home school because it my duty and privilege to educate my boys academically, build character, and train my boys to love and fear the Lord.  It is my responsibility as their mother to prepare and equip my boys to be the servant God has designed them to become.  So, to put it in a nutshell, we home school out of  obedience to His divine law.

Our school is called, Climbing the Mountain, and read here why we have chosen this name. I anxiously look forward to meeting more homeschool mommies who have received the calling to educate and train their children at home.  Have a blessed school year.

Oh, about me, I’m just a struggling mother of 5 boys trying to have a quiet and meek spirit everyday despite the chiaotic storms that knock down the house each day.  5 boys hanging out with you 24/7 brings blessings and sometimes frazzles me to want to jump off the nearest bridge.  LOL! But, oh how I am so blessed to be loved by 5 special boys.  So,  nothing special nor ordinary about me.

4 responses to “HMWT ~ All About me

  1. Lisa in ME (SHS)

    As the mom of only three boys, my hat goes off to you. 😉 I actually know a mom at my church with six boys. I call her my hero. LOL

  2. As far as teaching my 2 little grandsons, be assured that that is strictly a temporary arrangement. I, too, believe in moms teaching their own kids. However, reading is such a fundamental, and I’ve done it so much that I felt led by the Lord to offer to do the reading thing because of the new baby. Kristel intends to do ACE with them later on, so she won’t be too bogged down. Like I told my DS and his wife, when they asked me to babysit: “I am not a daycare grandma.” 🙂 However, because of some uncertainties in their marriage at the time, I said I would watch the kids ONE day a week. (she works part time at Home Depot). But things are stable now, praise God, and with DinL going to school (community college), the day is quickly arriving when she can’t do the on-line stuff any longer. And I will not babysit when she has to go on campus for classes.
    So….I’m not as “nice” as you make me out to be! LOL

  3. Oops. I hope that last entry wasn’t confusing. I was talking about two different families! My daughter’s kids (reading) and my son’s kids (babysitting). Sometimes i ramble….

  4. OHHHHHH I just loved reading about who you are ! I can sooooooooooo realate but you put it so well into words. I am sooooooooo happy to meet you. My 2ds13 has some learning challenges and I can’t imagine him in the system at all. I am thankful the Lord lead me to hs my boys before I even put them in a school. I LOVE love love hs’ing my boys. And YES boys are GREAT !!!

    Sending you blessings and ((HUGS))
    In Him<
    -Mary aka Canadagirl

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