Our B-day present to my Dad

My dad has always jokingly pouted that my mom has never knitted him his own blanket.  She has made everyone I know under the sun at least one.  So, she had suggested that I crochet him one for his 66th birthday.  Of course, My mom picked out the colors so it would match their living room.  So ,here it is…..

My quilt doesn’t do it justice, either.

I love the border I found on the internet somewhere.

Here is the pattern that I used.  This only took me a week to complete.  No, I didn’t work on it 24/7.  That would be impossible for me with homeschooling 5 boys and maitaining my everyday duties.  In other words, this afghan goes fast!


3 responses to “Our B-day present to my Dad

  1. A pretty piece for sure…Hope Dad liked it.

  2. amyswandering

    That is very pretty!!

  3. Very nice, hope dad liked it! Am sure mom did, after all, she chose the colors. 😉

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