Our Anniversary ~ 12 years

We were so blessed to have my parents come into town to watch the boys all day and night this past  Sunday.  We had a spectacular day and evening filled with lots of reminiscing and just enjoying each others company.  This tends to be a rare occasion with 5 boys and Daddy working 2 jobs.  So, we took advantage of the situation to say the least ~ We were gone from 10:30 a to 11:30 p.  Yes, we were party animals, but dead ones.  LOL!  I missed my nap, too.

James planned the whole day out ~ I was just a passenger with no idea what was going on.  Our anniversary is always his occasion to plan.  He always has something unique and adventurous planned.

Here was the agenda for our 13 hour date….

9:00 a ~ went to worship with the boys

10:30 a ~ dropped off the boys and headed to Dallas for a wonderful mexican brunch. It was to die for!

12:00p ~ went by James work to pick up some frames for my Mom.

1:30p ~ Went to Target, but didn’t find anything

2:00p ~ browsed thru half price books.

3:oo p ~ enjoyed snuggling on the couch with several books of interest at Barnes and Noble.  I bought the books Nutrition & Health in the Bible and What the Bible Says About Healthy Living. Both look very interesting considering we are changing our eating habits as a family.

5:30p ~ went to dine at Dream Cafe. I had a delicious Stuffed Acorn Squash dish which consisted of brown rice with pecans and currants topped with goat cheese.  A green side salad was included.  It was so yummy!

7:30p ~ James purchased play tickets at Theater Three for us to enjoy the comedy, House. It was so enlightening to watch a live performance without kiddos. It was a nice change to not have one of our family members in the midst of the drama as one of the main characters. LOL!  The stage was in the middle of the theater.

Lastly, we drove to Central Market so I could pick out some flowers, but the party animals were too late.  They closed at 10:00.  So, we settled for plan B and I picked out a beautiful bouquet at Tom Thumb.  In fact, they still look gorgeous today on my mantle.

We had a fabulous day!  Thank you, James for making my day so special.  I love you tons!  Also, thank you Dad and Mom for watching our precious boys. We wouldn’t have been able to enjoy our day without your kindness and willingness to make our day special.


3 responses to “Our Anniversary ~ 12 years

  1. I’m glad you had a great day!!
    Congrats on 12 years!!!


  2. amyswandering

    What a wonderful day!! I’m glad you got to enjoy each other’s company uninterrupted :o) That Mexican restaurant looks so yummy. Happy Anniversary!

  3. It was OUR pleasure to let you guys have a day. I ‘m glad it was a special day. You deserve it!
    x x mom & dad

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