Our Science for 2008-2009

As I mentioned before, we do topical studies instead of trying to incorporate history, geography, science, and health each week into our daily schedule.  However, on Fridays I like to do Nature Studies or some sort of science experiment.  I found this free science curriculum that we will use loosely.  Hopefully, I can get most of the books at the library.  We will study the principles of each topics, too.  I will do word studies by using the 1828 dictionary, looking up key words in the concordance, and then seeking God’s Word to see what God thinks about each topic/or word.  Also, another helpful tool is the  Encyclopedia of  Bible Truths by Ruth C. Haycock.  I love to see the Holy Spirit work in the boys heart and for them to reason from God’s Word and not from man.  It’s truly one of the greatest blessings of homeschooling, imop.

Check it out here.

Looks fun and interesting, huh?


5 responses to “Our Science for 2008-2009

  1. Thanks for the info…It looks like something I will use for my kids next year .


  2. Thank you for sharing. I am trying to homeschool on an ultra low budget so any time I come across shared information I get excited.

  3. Wow. What a great find!

    BTW, I’m interested in the 18 ways to use a basket but when I click on it, nothing happens.

  4. What a great resource. We’ve used their history curriculum but I had no idea they had a science curriculum as well. Thank you so much for sharing the link!

  5. Thanks for posting this! I was looking for a curriculum to use with my 7 year old on the human body. This looks absolutely perfect & I love the cost. 😉

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