WFMW ~ how to maintain a “cool” mom status

It’s official!  My boys 10 and 11 1/2 are embarrassed of me!!!  I can’t imagine why? The nice taxi mom that I am dropped my boys off at Sports Camp yesterday and was quickly forbidden to NEVER, NEVER-EVER honk if you forget to tell them something of relevance ~ like where the correct gate is to get into the basketball court.  Now, my ds was at a distance and I didn’t want to scream and get a sore throat.  So, I beeped and motion to go to the other gate. It definitely wasn’t a long drawn out HONNNNNNk or anything!  WELL, EXCUSE MEeee!!!!  You would have thought I gave him a wedgie or something.  Also, I was informed that it is uncool to wave to your parents.  OKEY ~ DOKEY!  So, if you want to be a “cool” mom you must never honk or wave to your children when you drop them off at their destination in public.  And if you want to swallow in my self pity with me ~ leave me a comment on how you survived the preteen years, not to mention the teenage ones.  YIKES!!!

I’m sure Shannon has more tips to save your dignity and self worth at Rocksinmydryer.


12 responses to “WFMW ~ how to maintain a “cool” mom status

  1. Youch!! Just a horn honk? I’m in the preteen yrs with my oldest now and OH WOW I don’t even want to imagine the actual teen years. I have a 10y/o girl and I can’t fathom that we were nearly as catty as these girls today!! Everything is the end of the world!
    Good luck with the honking…. but sometimes it’s fun so see them squirm lol

  2. Oh, yeah. I have an 11y/o boy. Oh, yeah.

    I think there’s hope though. My 15 y/o has recently begun commenting that I am, after all, cool. Maybe it’s a stage? One can hope, but not honk.

  3. I’ve got just a year or two until the oldest hits the “pre-teen” years… but I’m scared. Hoping there will be bloggers out there like you to help me though! LOL

  4. amyswandering

    Oh my! Mine aren’t embarrassed by their parents, but we are entering the world of shaving legs & hormone swings. Oh, and having to have clothes & hair JUST RIGHT before walking out the door.

  5. haha!! I’m so sorry. My brother is 14 now and he’s totally like that! He hates when my parents cheer for him at soccer games. “Moooommmm. Stop. You’re embarrassing me!” She decided she would scream “OH, PEANUTBUTTER CUP! GOOD GOAL!!!!” after he scored the next goal. She didn’t, but it was a funny thought. He doesn’t care if I cheer because I’m his cool older sister – but my parents – forget it. My parents got lucky with me because I never cared.

    Good luck with your boys!

  6. andrealudwig

    There was a time when my teenagers were frequently embarrassed by me. Once I started homeschooling them it got less frequent and less severe. Maybe because there is hardly anyone their age watching. Now if I embarrass them they just laugh, and say, “I love you, you dork,” which isn’t so bad. If I keep on with whatever embarrassed them in the first place, they’ll say, “No, mom, really, just stop.” Or, if I embarrass them really well the first time, they’ll say, “Never, never do that again.” At least they add the laughter now, whereas before it was just pure humilation they were experiencing.

    Have a great week!

  7. Now, come on…………..
    As IF dad did not embarrass us in the silver bullet or when mom wouldn’t pull up to the yellow line at the McDonald’s drive-thru!

    Jill’s favorite sister “Amy”

  8. I helped chaperone an all-nighter at church a few months ago and on the way to church my son asked me not to sit by him on the bus when we all went to the bowling alley.

    Three hours later he was running around the bowling alley with his hoodie on backwards, 4 bags of potato chips stuffed in the hood, and 2 ponytails on top of his head.

    And I had to sit at the front of the bus by myself.

  9. I have a 16-year-old daughter who claims, along with her friends, that I am the coolest mum of all because I am funny and “know what’s going on” and don’t come down on them. (I do not provide booze, smokes, or excuses, in case you’re wondering!). My 15-year-old son hugs me in public and loves to be called back to the car by getting hollered at. It’s my seven-year old who doesn’t kiss me anymore that’s breaking my heart! Is the coolness factor in Grade 2 now?!?!?

    Love your blog—I wrote about messy teenager bedrooms for WFMW, #301!


  11. This is payback for all of the embarrassing tantrums they threw in public when they were toddlers.

    My kids are still little, but when I loaded them up into the trailer on the back of the bike this morning to take the older one to kindergarten, I was thinking how sweet it is that he just thinks it’s a blast to ride to school that way. He would be heartbroken if I didn’t give him a kiss, and then another secret one inside his hand before he walks into class. Says he thinks about me all day.
    Just a few more years…

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