Spidahhh Man’s brother is visiting…

Last summer, we were so amazed and thrilled to have Spidah Man stay with us for about 2 months.  He She was the easiest house guest and never required anything from us.   Not to mention heshe left without notice, we were a bit heartbroken, but we eventually got over it.  Especially Zeke E boy who was 2 at the time and named him her Spidahh Man and truly believed he was there for his benefit.

This morning I arose to Spidah Man’s brother diligently perfecting his home above my back door.  Not a very secure place for Spidah Man, but we will enjoy him as much as we can.  He is a yellow and black garden spider who is so intriguing .  Just for the record, we will call him Spidah Man II.  Check out Spidah Man from last year.

So, maybe our new house guest will brighten Zeke E Boy’s  day since he had a chunky case of the blahs last night throwing up in Mommy and Daddy’s bed.  UGHHHHH! I will keep you posted on Spidah Man II as time permits.


One response to “Spidahhh Man’s brother is visiting…

  1. amyswandering

    Let him know that Spidah Man’s cousins are hanging out at my house. Hope he feels better soon! (Call if you need anything.)

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