WFMW ~ Inspiration

The coolest software that I have totally taken advantage of is Inspiration. This is the best thing since blogging, I think!!!!  I have created so many maps to organize all my thoughts.  This is especially helpful for homeschool Mommy’s that love to plan.  I have made a learning map/charts for  each subject with goals, how to write an essay for the boys, and much, much more.  Of course, I am taken advantage of the free 30 day trial period.  This is so fun and easy to use.  It is an invaluable tool for any student, too.  Go check it out, here.

See what’s works for others at Rocksinmydryer.

2 responses to “WFMW ~ Inspiration

  1. Thank you, I have never heard of this. I’m sure it wil be invaluable!

  2. Great post! This IS cool software!! We have it at the school I teach at …the kids use “kidspiration” and they love it. It’s great for making webs on the topics the kids are studying. I also use it to create webs for unit plans. Thanks for sharing.

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