Free Lapbooks ~ Summer Olympics and Election 2008

Today I found 2 FREE lapbooks.  Yipeeeee!  First, check out the Summer Olympics 2008 here.  We did Amanda Bennett’s Winter Olympic Unit Study two years ago.  The boys loved it!

This year we will be doing the Election 2008 Lapbook.  Check out here.  This will be such a blessing to us as a family.  And of course, I will be doing additional research to apply the 7 biblical principles to this years election process.  We are going to find out how God feels about this whole process.  What an amazing opportunity to teach our children the true biblical principles that our Founding Fathers strongly believed in when writing our country’s Constitution.  Also, realizing the true meaning of freedom and liberty that God and our Founding Fathers wanted us to pass down from one generation to the next.  Sadly, we have failed.  But, we can’t give up hope!  We have an obligation to our Heavenly Father, our children, and to our country that God’s laws don’t change.  It is absolute regardless of what the secular world practices.  

     “Today’s education is tomorrows government.”  Abraham Lincoln

I couldn’t of said it better myself.



6 responses to “Free Lapbooks ~ Summer Olympics and Election 2008

  1. Thank you so much for telling other people about my site – it means a lot to have one’s work recognized!


  2. Thanks for the link! Now I just need to understand how a lapbook works. I downloaded the file, but don’t understand the instructions. Do you know of a good place to see this in action? Thanks.

  3. So glad that you and your crew enjoyed the Winter Olympics Unit Study! This weekend brings the release of the brand new Summer Olympics 2008 Unit Study:

    I am so glad that you are also pursuing Elections as a topic of study this year – the news is good, MANY families are doing the same thing and that is so exciting!


  4. Thanks for the link to the lapbooks. I think I will use the Olympic with my younger son and the election one with my daughter.

  5. Also, could you expound a bit on the seven Biblical principles? That would be a great help! Thanks!

  6. I found a cool website that has some great bibical lapbooks called

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