Notebooking instead of worksheets

We have slowly added notebooking over the years to our homeschool methodology.  We have tossed those worksheets,  put on our creative hats, and discovered the beauty of notebooking.  We will only be using notebooks this year.  YIPEE!

If you are interested in the notebooking method here are a few good sites to get you started…

Ignite the Fire ~ great info on the basics of notebooking

Notebook Pages ~ lots of free pages

Highland Forms ~ ideas for notebooks and tons and tons of forms

Homeschool Helper ~ more forms in categorized by subjects

Bible Notebook Forms

Notebooking Nook

Loads of notebooking pages

There is so many wonderful resources out ~ Just search.  Feel free to add to the list on your comments.

Happy Notebooking!

2 responses to “Notebooking instead of worksheets

  1. Thanks for compiling all these great links. We use notebooks, too.
    PrincipledMom has some great ideas for things to put into your notebooks. Okay, I can’t find it, but I’ll let you know when I do.

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