Summer is here…

At least it is in our castle.  YIPEEEE!!!  Our last day of school was Friday!  We will begin again in the middle of July.  I was planning on starting in August, but our co-op starts then and I want to get back into the groove before we attend co-op.  Ya know, what I mean?

I have many goals set forth for me this summer….

First, I must get a chore system back in place for the boys.  We have been very relaxed in this area.  They have been doing the basic chores, but not doing it with a cheerful heart or to Mommy’s standards.

2)  I have a lot of wisdom to obtain relating to the principle approach before we start in July.  Of course, that means I have to get my notebook together, organize the school room (YIKES), and create a tentative school year calendar.

3)  I want to read several books

4)  Visit my parents and go blueberry picking

5)  finish sewing projects

6)  And get my pics organized that are on the computer

Most of all,  I want my house to grow in Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge (WUK).  We will be continuing with our daily morning worship and bible study.  The boys are required to read for 30 min per day.  Also, we will enjoy our read a loud times in the afternoons.

Happy Summer to you!

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