WFMW ~ candle tips

My mom told me this trick awhile back.  Don’t you just despise when there is just a little wax left in the bottom of the jar?  You really would love to add another votive, but than the smell would be funky.  Ya know, what I’m talking about.  Sweat no more, sisters!  This works every time!  Place a couple of ice cubes on top of the wax.  Next, place about a 1/2 in of cold water on top of the cubes.  Wait a just a minute.  Then pop it out with a knife.  It’s that easy!

This also works great with melts in you potpourri crock pot, too.  I usually buy the Yankee melts (3 of the same scent).  I let the wax cool down and then do the easy process.  Works like magic!

WFMW has loads of fantastic ideas to make you life easier.


One response to “WFMW ~ candle tips

  1. Thanks for the great tip, Jill! Have a great weekend!


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