Family Math ~ living math everyday

I have recently admitted that I can do math OK, meaning I made probably B’s and C’s in college, but have no concept of the WHY”S in math.  I am determined to make my children understand the why’s and not jsut the facts to math.  You may ask WHY?  Who cares if you can get the right answer, right?  Well, if something has no meaning to you then why remember it. Right?  For example, my ds  desperately wanted to know why he needed to know how to average.  When would he ever use that concept ?  So, I gave him examples of instances where he would use the concept of “averaging” in everyday life.  If you can make math an everyday experience, AKA as Living Math, our children will be able to relate and realize the importance of knowing math.  Check out this website, LivingMath, for tons of information on utilizing the importance of math in everyday situations.

Also, we love Family Math.  It is the best 5.00 (I bought it used) investment that I have added to our home library.  Note:  This is not just a home school book.  It is for every family.  It’s filled with loads of fun math related ideas for the whole family .  Check out your local library.

Also, here are some math sites…..

Helping Your Child Learn Math

At Home Math

Grocery Store Math

Look for more WFMW at Rocksinmydryer. Leave me a comment with any math links that you have discovered for your kiddos.  Thanks ~


2 responses to “Family Math ~ living math everyday

  1. Hey Jill! It was great meeting you at the Rubies Retreat this weekend. I am gonna add your blog address to my “Neighboring Zoos” list.

    Thanks for these awesome math links. I am always looking for new ways to approach math.

  2. I left you the wrong address for my webpage. Sorry. This one is correct.

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