Some cool things that I found….

Today the boys and I learned about June Bugs and they each designed a  nature notebook page for their journals.  Even my little Zeke E Boy made one, too.  The boys also started their Garden Lapbook today, as well.  This will be an ongoing project for several more weeks.

So, I wanted to share some goodies for you teachers that love to implement the notebook methodology in your home school.

Free Homeschool Lap Book templates

Bible Character Page

Bible Verse Notebook page

Bible Lesson Form

Garden Watering Chart ~ we just started our study on gardens

Proofreading charts

Character Study ~ scroll down to the middle

Vocabulary notebook page

Loads of free notebook pages ~ copywork, too.

Enjoy ~ Happy Notebooking!

3 responses to “Some cool things that I found….

  1. amyswandering

    Oh goodie! Can’t wait to look at all of them.

  2. I recieved the link to your website from the Above Rubies email group digest today. This looks like a great site! I will be coming back to check you out often. Thanks for sharing! in Christ, reaching out,

  3. Thanks for all the helpful links, Jill! I will definitely be trying these out soon! Hope you have a blessed week! :o)

    ~Love, Julie

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