The Principle Approach to our everyday life

What is the principle approach?  I have been digging and digging for all the information, resources, blogs regarding this approach that the Lord wants me to instill in my precious blessings little minds to grow in wisdom.  At first, I was resistant because I am a woman who likes everything the same everyday with no surprises.  I like love the Charlotte Mason/Classical approach to our home school.  Yes, I whined and whined.  I came upon this approach accidentally not even looking for a new approach to our home school.  In fact, I had everything I wanted to order for next year on a document labeled Home school Curriculum 2008-2009. But, the Lord intervened and caused me to rethink our teaching approach.  Don’t get me wrong ~ I think the Charlotte Mason/Classical approach is wonderful and very educational.  Those who use this approach ~ know exactly what I am talking about.  It’s just perfect!  Well, it was for us until I stumbled across this wonderful website, Me and My House.

At first, I was extremly overhwelmed.  But, I am now getting excited about learning all the mighty works of God and how He fits into every subject.  And I truly mean every subject.  It’s amazing what you discover with the help of the Holy Spirit.   This approach has opened a whole new journey for us.  We are slowly implementing this approach to our homeschool.  This is a process that will take time.  Kinda like an IV drip. I will be blogging spontaneously about our homeschool journey with the Principle Approach over the next weeks and months.  After all said and done ~ we still will be using the same real resources ~ people, places, ideas, and events with living books just like the Charlotte Mason/Classical approach.  It’s just a thinking process change.  For more infor on the principle approach check out  Homehearts.  She does an excellent job describing this approach throughly but briefly.

One response to “The Principle Approach to our everyday life

  1. How exciting! From what I can tell PA uses many of the Charlotte Mason/Classical methods, so you should find some overlap. I look forward to hearing more about your journey.

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